You live in the West and still have the illusion that the banking system is there to protect you?
It is probably time to open your eyes! Look at what is happening in emerging countries and you will understand what is waiting for us in the West.
This banking system is totally flawed and not fixable.
The banks are trying to steal the Bitcoin revolution from you by making some people believe that they are the ones to buy Bitcoin.
Make no mistake, you only own the Bitcoin you have the private keys to.
Your interest is not in buying Bitcoin through a third party such as a bank, but in doing so directly by taking possession of your private keys: Not your Keys, Not your Bitcoin.
That being said, if you're wondering why Bitcoin will defeat Banking, I detail at least 5 big reasons in my book "The Truth About Bitcoin" which you'll find here:
Here are those 5 reasons:
  1. Bitcoin allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor at any time
  2. Bitcoin allows you to use your money at low fees
  3. Bitcoin allows you to save the fruits of your labor with peace of mind
  4. Bitcoin protects your privacy
  5. Bitcoin gives you the freedom to live your life on your own terms
Bitcoin success is inevitable. Just a matter of time.
Point 1 and 3 and 5 are the same. Point 2 is pointless. You do not use bitcoin for low fees. If you use BTC for that reason, instead of fiat, you are wrong. Bitcoin wasn't created to have "low fees" comparing with fiat.
Read the Bitcoin papers abstract, it say it all.