For a newbie in this crazy and fast world of Bitcoin, this sort of articles helps a lot.

I really like this post! Simple and to the point about KYC and No-KYC. Big government big data lists will be generated. Acknowledge and make adjustments accordingly.

While not ideal, my gut response is… fuck ‘em. I’m sure we’re all on some list somewhere. Come and get me…

Exactly, come get my Bitcoin you government sons of bitches, good luck, you are powerless in the realm of bitcoin

only if your opsec is A++

Bitcoin price down, no one's coming

Bitcoin price up, AI controlled automated gun turrets all around 👀

Great article!

Everyone is on a list Santa engrained that one into our heads lol All jokes aside Nothing to hide 🫣 nothin to fear

But you can always coin join ;)

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You can put me on any list you want, i don't care, you'll never get my seed or any of my hard-earned bitcoins!

It's going to take some time for us to change our vocabulary.

Get Some Non-KYC Bitcoin Before You Need It

A lot of bitcoiners might not think they have something to hide now, but when countries' fiat currencies start tanking at faster rates YOY, who do you think these politicians are going to blame? Its the bitcoiners, burning the trees and boiling the oceans only to enrich themselves, they are teh new capitalists, and I have a list of all of them, lets force them to give up their wealth so we can get you the poor citizen who is suffering out of this mess

“You just made the list, buddy” - Frances (aka Psycho)

Excellent post, consider adding to the list of no kyc options. They are one of the most painless, albeit expensive, ways to get sats with no kyc.

The reason KYC lists matter is that it helps the state narrow down how many people it needs to rob in order to destroy Bitcoin. If the US knew 100% which Americans owned Bitcoin, the US could possibly wipe out Bitcoin usage in America for a time. The US would do that by raiding the biggest hodlers of Bitcoin all at once, using Federal and state law enforcement agences. Such an attack would be followed by IRS letters requiring everyone give up their BTC or be thrown in jail. But because a lot of the big hodlers are not on KYC lists, such a 6102 attack has no chance of succeeding.

Aside: If Bitcoin had arrived 5 years earlier, the US would certainly have had the resources to conduct a Global War on Bitcoin. It could have modified the terms of foreign aid to demand KYC laws on Bitcoin exchanges across the planet, before Bitcoin got out into the wild. But the US was too distracted by the Great Recession, and waited several years before requiring Bitcoin exchanges follow KYC laws. By then, Bitcoin had gotten out and a lot of hodlers have KYC-free BTC. Bitcoin arrived at the best possible time.