I can highly recommend Postgres.js as an alternative to pg. Performs great, supports pipelining and a more ergonomic way of building queries.


It looks excellent.

A nostr relay is pretty light on requirements query-wise, but I imagine postgres.js would be a good choice for an application with more query variety.

Not to belabor the point, but just wanted to add a link to the benchmarks: https://porsager.github.io/imdbench/sql.html

I swapped it in.

  • 30% faster performance in my integration tests alone
  • the code is more concise
  • I got rid of a handful of deps

Thanks again!

Glad to help! 😊

No, you were right. Pipelining is enough reason to switch. Was planning on rewrite it with postgresjs today.

Who came up with such a stupid na. ...

oh hey, k00b, cool project. Great name!

lol we all autocomplete nostr to nostril. Seemed appropriate. It was also meant to encourage me to have fun while writing it.

The code is ~500 lines of javascript/sql. It was a lot of fun to make. I'm not sure how well it performs though. I suspect decently - I got really particular with indices that perform well with arrays of prefixes and compound indices where applicable.

Very cool, wanna try this out. Also, whoa, I've never seen/heard of Cucumber before. Looks like an interesting testing framework.

Also, I'm especially proud of my booger graphic. Woke up super early this morning and found a great photoshop tutorial.

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I thought you generated it with AI or in some way, lol

Guess that can become a compliment in the near future, haha

Very artisanal

Lol I’m old enough to have forgotten there’s free AI widely available.

The name booger always gets sats from me! 🤣🤣🤣

I am sick, reading this in bed, and seeing the logo just almost made me vomit.

Great job!

Paid? Or free

I haven't hosted it yet. I'll probably launch a "freelay" at some point to get an idea of what the shape of traffic on nostr is like, then figure out how to financially defend it.

mazin of nostr.wine pulled nearly a TB in about 24hours... kenny @ rocket-tech.net said he saw 380gb in a few days.

it seems like these things pull down a lot of disk and pipe...

the question is one of retention, it seems. this is all so new i dont think anyone has run out of disk space, just yet :)

That's my understanding. Crazy resource consumption.

Looking forward to it 👀

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Yooo 🔥⚡️