Hey everyone, we are happy to announce the beta version of our API to allow developers to implement BTC LN Escrow in their applications. Let us know if you have any questions!

Would be great to see someone build an Escrow bot for Telegram using this, then that bot serve this group:

Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplace for products/services in Telegram https://stacker.news/items/19558 https://t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace https://twitter.com/x218935/status/1513516529912094723 https://nitter.net/x218935/status/1513516529912094723

Would be great. Any insights on this msg @bitcoinp2pmarket on telegram

Follow along with the tutorial instructions here: https://github.com/supertestnet/lightningescrow.io/

Start building on lightning escrow today!

A prior post on SN regarding Lightning Escrow:

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