Someone can share experience?
I am one of the few that live only with Bitcoin, from 2018, but I start with Bitcoin from long time ago.
Some advice, if you want to start this journey:
To live on bitcoin is a hard challenge and takes years to prepare it. If you were in Bitcoin from last years, you are definitely a really noob and do not have enough "reserves". I would recommend you first accumulate as much as you can sats before going full bitcoin. Otherwise will be really hard for you and even can lose some money.
  1. 1st rule: learn as much as you can about Bitcoin. Without good knowledge about how to use it you will get rekt. Mark my words.
  2. Prepare to live a simple life, not luxurious and try to be as much as you can self suficient. Why? Because Bitcoin is savings technology, that means, for more you save, long time you will have money. Spend ONLY on things you really need. That doesn't mean to live like a homeless, you can live decently but not spending like crazy on crap things.
  3. Look around where you live, is not necessary to go to a specific place where more merchants accept BTC already. YOU are the one that should convince all merchants around you to accept your BTC. Find the right spot and occasion to present them BTC. Don't just go and say "hey you should accept my BTC". That doesn't work. Don't go for big chains, fuck those! Go for small mom & pop shops. Those are in most need of your BTC. You help them, they halp you.
If you have 2-3 merchants that start taking your BTC, you can convince them to pay all your bills too and/or bring you all kind of stuff you need, but they not usually sell in their shops.
  • For more we are using BTC as money, stronger will became and we will have more freedom
  • For more are still using fiat, more time we will suffer and enslaved we will be.
Wow, didn't expect to hear from you. Thanks for looking. I read your blog and your experience to live only on bitcoins. In some countries it is much easier to do, but extremely difficult, for example, in Russia, Belarus. Therefore, I asked to share the experience of those who tried to do this in these countries or nearby.
Short story: if you want a shortcut just go to El Salvador and don't complicate it too much. El Salvador have a great future.
Already started thinking about it) Thank you
There is literally a country where Bitcoin is legal tender.
I am more interested in the countries of Asia, the Middle East, Georgia