Late stage capitalism is a popular narrative with the modern left. Although most conservatives, liberals, libertarians etc do not share this idea, it is still leaking into the mainstream. The latestageidiot subreddit has 800k subscribers. Here is why they are wrong:

The World is Improving. In Every Metric.


This is a fact. Numbers don't lie. Maybe you're feelings do, but numbers don't.

Some of these metrics are also very very underrated. Child mortality - do you have any f*cking idea how tragic the past was when childbirth was a super dangerous thing? We just forgot about super fast as soon as modern medicine made modern nuclear families possible. Literacy rate - people just think about literacy as obvious but it really isn't. The economic potential of everyone being able to read and basic maths is amazing.

Not Just The 3rd World

Please, talk to your parents how their lives were when they were your age. It's easy to think that they had it easier. Admittedly, if you're a white 1st world male you're expectation might be a house, a car, children and family vacations but rising property prices made this far out of reach. Many countries have a real estate crisis, no doubt.

But that house was far smaller and worse isolated. The car barely had security features besides a seat belt and far less comfortable. And it was not as accessible to people below the upper middle class and to non-whites as Hollywood wants to make you think.

  • You have all of humanities knowledge in your pocket. Like literally. Think about it how amazing that is. Library of Alexandria.

  • You can have your apartment cleaned by a robot. Wtf

  • Your great grandma spend a day a week with a washing board. Do you have any idea how miserable it was to spend a huge percentage of your life with this? This might even be a bigger leap forward than the internet:

  • You can buy groceries or takeout with the click of a button. That's amazing.

  • You can spontaneously order a car for a few bucks anywhere near urban areas. This is a huge quality of life improvement even compared to the 2010s. Don't fall for the hedonic treadmill Quality of life improvements are happening every few years.

  • F*cking groceries man. All the exotic fruits of the world in every Walmart year round. When my parents were my age a papaya was a rich people status symbol. Now I can buy it for 2-3 bucks. Imagine you were an alien visiting earth and guess what the subjective pleasure of a mango in London should be - like 100 bucks? No, it's like almost free.

  • TIL of Viktor Belenko, the Soviet pilot who defected with the MiG-25 (most advanced Soviet interceptor of its time), who initially assumed that his CIA handlers were keeping him in an elaborate tourist trap made to impress foreigners because he couldn't comprehend the sheer abundance he was seeing. Communism makes every day goods into luxuries, Capitalism makes commies think they are in a tv show with a hidden camera

This is Early Stage Capitalism

We're just getting started.


We have already reached endless entertainment. AI will very soon make endless entertainment maximising entertainment enjoyment.

Other White Collar

Generative AI just made a big jump as we all saw. This is going to leverage all white collar jobs so much further. It's like we're slingshotting humanity.


The big bootstrapping of robotics is eminent (maybe a few decades). The day when a robot is able to repair another robot we will be.


Yeah yeah, you might think Wall-E is a dystopian world of NPCs. It is, you are right. But it's a metaphor bro. In the 1900s children worked 14 hours a day in the mines, you have a 40 hour coffee drinking desk job, think about what you could do with your free time when this trend inevitably continues.


Maybe you're an edgelord contrarian and think big pharma is evil. I don't. Life was miserable very recently when people died from every little infection. The future is bright.

Example: You know the bullshit weight loss pills from shady website ads? It's becoming real. We're solving obesity as an illness just like we solved broken bones as an illness.

With MRNA many viral diseases will become a thing of the past. Biohacking and crispr is advancing rapidly.



The most underrated WWE surprise entrance. Right now humans only have money liquid and value loosing (checking account) or longterm value increasing but locked for decades (investments). And neither of these things with the security of decentralization.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here. You all know how amazing such a simple, in retrospective obvious idea that is. It's 2023 and humanity already made it this far without it - society is going to be amazing with it.


Further Links

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I will only comment on medicine, since I am an expert there. Almost all the advances was brought by a few key developments early to mid twentieth century. Antiobiotics, statins, angioplasty, insulin - all home runs, that we never managed to get close to them in the last 25 years or so. Mortality is up, but you can argue that QALY (quality-adjusted life years) are stagnant if not down. And since COVID; mortality is down due to all the drug overdoses.

The problem in capitalism healthcare as practiced in the US, is that it’s entirely regulatory captured by big companies. It’s broken on such a fundamental level; it’s hard to describe in words. It’s late-stage crony capitalism were a senator daughter capturing a key drug and shaping the regulatory environment to kill all possible competitors is just another Tuesday.

My solution is to let the market take care of it, but it’s so corrupt now - that it’s need a radical, if brief, intervention.

The intervention would be going back to real free market- no tax breaks or liability protection for big pharma

The only real and enduring solution would be that people become more skeptical and just don't buy or accept unnecessary medicines, shun doctors who are just dealers for big pharma, and when all of these fail, migrate or just move out of the big cities where centralisation advantages the corruption. There's lots of other subjects related to the fascist corruption that the same countermeasures generally apply.

Capitalism is self healing and doesent reach a late stage, democracy does not self heal (for example it blames captalism for everything instead) and we are in the late stages of democracy as a result

This goes against the main stream narrative… can’t have that lol It is getting better isn’t it?

Really enjoyable post

As always, builders will rule. Be a maker. Not a consumer.

Agreed. But also don't forget to live and enjoy your life 😁. One day you'll be 70 and think back

Oh, I do. I am a consumer of shared experiences not so much things. I travel and soak up culture and extend my global personal network. Huge enjoyment!

Even though I do not fully align with all of your ideas I left you a few zaps because of how well made this thread is. Big up, keep it coming. :)

Appreciate it! Understanding of opinions one does not agree with is a rare virtue these days.

Both of are wrong. We havent been true capitalism in a long long time. You need a real free market for Capitalism. We do not have a “free market” because we are using fiat money! What the US has is a form Corporatism. You cant have true capitalism if someone is always manipulating the money, especially when you rig it for their corporate and elite friends to get the fresh printed money first.

Show me one ideal that we get to have in pure, true form.

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Let me put it this way: Capitalism on a leash brought us this far. Imagine how far capitalism could bring us if we unleash it.

Yep!!!!! No doubt!!

Another good indicator that you are not in true Capitalism, is Bail-outs and shit like that too. Bail outs are impossible under capitalism. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but the government or central authority wouldn’t be involved. It would take something like a crowd sourcing with everyone that has capital for it to happen.

Agreed. Companies would behave much better if their actions actually had consequences. The bailouts in 2008 were a huge mistake in the long term.

Capitalism doesn’t have a money printer

Not for long at least.

Yeah yeah, you might think Wall-E is a dystopian world of NPCs. It is, you are right. But it's a metaphor bro


$1 out of every $225 in GDP in 1810 was... Nails

This is actually amazing. People used to steal nails from ships and buildings. When abandoning homes people pulled out nails or burn the wood. Because they were so valuable.


There are so many little things that are almost free nowadays but quite a thing back then. All of them combined really show how rich we are compared to just a hundred years ago.

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Late stage fiat

Yeah don't see this happening with globalization just beginning to disintegrate, we're definitely on the decline.

Until the state (especially the welfare state) is abolished open borders remain a lolbertarian civilizational suicide.

Apart from that - great content.

Tend to agree but we must break free from the confines of cronyism. Fix the money, shrink the state and we have a fighting chance.

That's not even close to free market capitalism. It's crony commie manipulation. Central banks for example are a product of the sick mind of Karl Marx. Better not confuse with definitions - otherwise You get the whole story wrong.

Bro you need to read the real Anthony Fauci book. Big pharma and big government has killed millions across the globe. It appears making life easier and convenient for a select few on the planet automatically makes it better on average isn’t true. Everything you list here happened by some population of humans getting exploited for the benefit of the few. Them Fruits you mentioned are probably being picked by someone getting paid cents on the dollar just barely enough to keep them alive never enough to allow them to save and progress.

It appears making life easier and convenient for a select few on the planet automatically makes it better on average isn’t true.


Them Fruits you mentioned are probably being picked by someone getting paid cents on the dollar just barely enough to keep them alive never enough to allow them to save and progress.


JFC, this is some top tier glowie nonsense

there aren't enough jingoist bitcoiners. should change once more nations adopt btc as official currency.