“Tips for Relays.
Forget about having a thousand and one relays.
The first option is to pay for nostr.wine, it allows you to use the filter.nostr.wine filter. The filter works both requesting events from other relays and sending events to other relays. In case you want to send events to other relays you have to add the relay with the following syntax:
Reading list:
wss://relay.damus.io wss://nos.lol wss://relay.current.fyi wss://brb.io wss://nostr.oxtr.dev wss://relay.nostr.bg wss://no.str.cr wss://nostr.mom wss://nostr.zebedee.cloud wss://relay.plebstr.com wss://offchain.pub
Writing list:
wss://relay.damus.io wss://nos.lol wss://relay.snort.social wss://nostr.oxtr.dev wss://relay.nostr.bg wss://nostr.fmt.wiz.biz wss://nostr.mom wss://nostr.zebedee.cloud wss://no.str.cr wss://relay.plebstr.com wss://offchain.pub
The next special relay is relay.nostr.band. This relay reads events from all relays and applies a spam filter, in the case of writing you only write to relay.nostr.band but it is a good complement to add content to relay filter.nostr.wine as it only requests events from your contacts and your contacts' contacts. It is not clear to me from which relay is requesting the events as the code is not available.
And finally the relay nostr.mutinywallet.com. This relay uses blastr which is a nostr cloudfare worker proxy that publishes to all known relays. Basically what it does is to read the list of online relays from nostr.watch and all events are queued to be executed in batches by another worker that rotates every 30s if there is an event queued, or once a certain amount of events are queued. In this case the relay is write-only.
In short, your relays could be reduced to 4:
wss://nostr.wine wss://filter.nostr.wine/REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_NPUB?broadcast=true wss://relay.nostr.band wss://nostr.mutinywallet.com
With them you save bandwidth and battery, actually filter.nostr.wine in write mode and nostr.mutinywallet are redundant, but I put the two because nostr.mutinywallet.com has more amplitude because it publishes in all the online relays of nostr.watch and also because it has high availability in case of failure of any of the two relays mentioned above.
The same case is applicable in the case of reading for filter.nostr.wine and relay.nostr.band.”
This is an excellent writeup. Relays have been a puzzle to me. Thanks
How do PMs work? In my understanding (as a beginner), each relay is a server. You publish your posts to this server and clients can fetch posts from this server using websockets (do relays also propagate or mirror posts?). To which relay is a PM sent and how does it arrive to the recipient (who may use a different relay)? Do you need to subscribe to multiple relays in order to read PMs or would relay.nostr.band work?
Time to read, thank you
I would suggest adding wss://rsslay.nostr.moe/ to reading list.
Awesome tips! I am going to test them right now. Thanks!
Thanks. Changed my relays to wss://relay.nostr.band and wss://nostr.mutinywallet.com. I have limited monthly internet so any way to save data helps a lot. Also considering to install a CLI client on my VPS (SSH would use a lot less data).