Many people now want a LN address, especially for NOSTR and for other use cases.
Some are concerned about custodial ones or simply want their own fancy LN address.


I personally use many LN addresses, public ones and private ones, custodial and non-custodial. All depending the use case.
I use public ones, custodial, for public stuff, where my real identity is not revealed. Almost all of these custodial do not require a full KYC so is not a big deal using them. You just have to move the funds out, to your own private wallets wherever you consider is a good amount.
I use private LN address for PRIVATE stuff (private businesses, private communication with people that really know me, family, friends etc), stuff that is NOT PUBLIC.
People should learn to make the difference between public and private damn it! Seems that many still don't know it.

How to achieve such thing?

You have many ways:
  1. Using a federated server, in case you do not want / can't run your own LNURL private server. BridgeAddress from fiatjaf is the perfect solution. Why? Because:
  • is offering a lot of connection types directly to your node or other funding sources.
  • easy to setup, in max 10 min is functional (depending on your DNS provider).
  • can be used with a Tor or ZeroTier node
Yes, you need a bit of trust in fiatjaf, for handling your we requests. But if you do not know who is fiatjaf in Bitcoin world, I don't know what are you doing here...
  1. Using your own LNURL server. And are many implementations out there. Please consult the documentation page of or use one of these:
  1. Using LNbits as LNDHUB and LNURL server provider
There are many ways to play around with these tools, especially if you want to have a more private LN address.
Perfect 👍🏼 Thank you so much
Great write up! I'll bookmark this and give it a go later.
Thanks Darth
I'm using Ligess (nodejs application) as self-custodial solution which also support receiving lightning zaps over nostr.
This, in my areas... "People should learn to make the difference between public and private damn it: