Roulette is not just a game of chance, it's a passion. That's why when I start writing about it, it usually gets pretty long. If the article seems too long and you're just looking for a guide on how to make a quick and easy profit on roulette, skip straight to the last paragraph.


Who wouldn't want to be James Bond, right? Fast cars, beautiful women and amazing technical gadgets. If you drive a car, I'm sure you've wished many times for a pair of rocket launchers behind the headlights, or a button to release an oil slick when the beacon lights up behind you. You may not get a license to kill from me, but I can teach you to play roulette like James Bond. In the opening installment of my roulette series, I wrote about the Martingale system, which uses bet progression (If you haven't read it, be sure to check it out here: Martingale bet progression is used in a number of game strategies, and we'll be revisiting it in future installments. Plus, there's some interesting information about the history of roulette that you shouldn't miss.) At the same time, I mentioned that there are also systems that take advantage of effective canvas coverage by betting. Bond betting is just such a system.

Game instructions

200 chips are used by placing 140 on high numbers, 50 on double street 13-18 and 10 on zero. Lightening roulette does not allow bets on double street, but in this case it does not matter at all. You can split the bet by placing 25 chips each on both streets 13-15 and 16-18. This way you have 25 numbers bet out of 37. If any of the high numbers (19-36) are hit, you win 80 chips. If a number from the sixes hits, you win 100 chips. If 0 is rolled, you win 160 chips. If you hit any of the low numbers that you don't have a bet on, you can multiply your bets, but beware this is not a system for any long games! Although the probability of winning is quite high, there can be a long series of losses. In a game on Sunday, I had the same number hit 6 times in 8 spins! First it fell 3 times in a row, then something else fell 2 times and then it fell again 3 times in a row. If you wanted to calculate the probability of something like that happening, it's really astronomically low, but these things happen on roulette too. Best not to push your luck for long, take the quick win and play a different strategy again.

You can also play Lightening roulette for free at: It's a referral link, for which I get 10k sats if you make a deposit and connect your twitter account. You can play completely anonymously, but I recommend logging in via Twitter, otherwise you risk losing your deposit when the site closes.

Interesting fact

It wasn't just Her Majesty's agent who had a penchant for high stakes, but also his most famous representative, Sean Connery. In 1963 (a year after the release of Dr. No), Connery visited the Casino de la Vallee in Saint-Vincent, Italy, set in the heart of the Alps. In case you're wondering, the casino has been open to guests since 1947 until today. Connery, who was a roulette fan, headed straight to the table and, in true Bond fashion, bet straight on number 17. When the wheel spun, he watched closely to make sure his bet didn't come up. Undisturbed, he tried again, betting straight on 17 and again the bet didn't come. So he tried again, for the third time, and by the third time, by golly, the number came up. Apparently the start of a new (and lucky) streak, he left the money on the table and bet on 17 again - the second time it came. He rode the wave, tried again and managed to be successful, an incredible three spins in a row. At that point he made the sensible decision to collect his winnings and walk away, making history. The odds of 17 falling in three consecutive spins were a crazy 1:50653, with odds of 35 to 1. Connery won 17 million Italian lire (the equivalent of more than £160,000 in today's money). Definitely not bad for five minutes work. It's a performance that would make James Bond himself proud.

When Connery replicated the feat In 1971’s Diamonds are Forever, not only did Connery return to the role as Bond (after declining to star in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), in what would be his final appearance as the secret agent, but in true Bond style he returned to the casino. Diamonds are Forever features a number of casino scenes, but none more iconic than the Roulette scene at Circus Circus. The opening credits see Bond dispatching the villain by jamming his head in the Roulette wheel, before later returning to the Las Vegas casino and placing a bet (again) on 17 to win big! After success at Roulette, Bond plays Craps.

Finally, I can only wish you good luck and remember what Albert Einstein said, "No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn´t looking"


Again, I've included the Python code where you can simulate the game. The variables are set so that you can't lose more than 200 chips, but I've also programmed a progression of bets. By simply changing the win/loss limits, you can simulate longer games, with different bet progressions. I don't recommend this too much, though. Not everyone has Bond's luck.

At the same time, I refactored the code for Martingale so that the cycle is not driven by the number of rounds, but by the limits on losing and winning, as it is here. I found that this stretched the code quite a bit and made some lines repetitive, so I may redo this in the future using some function.

1import random 2 3# Player variables 4# ======================================= 5budget = 100_000 6win_limit = 80 7loss_limit = 201 8 9highs_bet = 140 10double_street_bet = 50 11zero_bet = 10 12progresion = 1 13# ======================================= 14 15# Game simulation 16actual_budget = budget 17bet = highs_bet + double_street_bet + zero_bet 18actual_highs_bet = highs_bet 19actual_double_street_bet = double_street_bet 20actual_zero_bet = zero_bet 21 22highs = [i for i in range(19, 37)] 23double_street = [13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18] 24spin = 1 25game_limits = True 26while game_limits: 27 bet = actual_highs_bet + actual_double_street_bet + actual_zero_bet 28 if actual_budget - bet <= budget - loss_limit: 29 break 30 fallen_number = random.randint(0, 36) 31 print(f"Your bet is {actual_highs_bet + actual_double_street_bet + actual_zero_bet}") 32 print(f"{spin}. spin, the number {fallen_number} fell.") 33 spin += 1 34 if fallen_number in highs: 35 win = actual_highs_bet - actual_double_street_bet - actual_zero_bet 36 print(f"You win {win}!") 37 actual_budget += win 38 print(f"Your budget is {actual_budget}") 39 actual_highs_bet = highs_bet 40 actual_double_street_bet = double_street_bet 41 actual_zero_bet = zero_bet 42 elif fallen_number in double_street: 43 win = actual_double_street_bet * 5 - actual_highs_bet - actual_zero_bet 44 print(f"You win {win}!") 45 actual_budget += win 46 print(f"Your budget is {actual_budget}") 47 actual_highs_bet = highs_bet 48 actual_double_street_bet = double_street_bet 49 actual_zero_bet = zero_bet 50 elif fallen_number == 0: 51 win = actual_zero_bet * 35 - actual_highs_bet - actual_double_street_bet 52 print(f"You win {win}!") 53 actual_budget += win 54 print(f"Your budget is {actual_budget}") 55 actual_highs_bet = highs_bet 56 actual_double_street_bet = double_street_bet 57 actual_zero_bet = zero_bet 58 else: 59 print(f"You loose {actual_highs_bet + actual_double_street_bet + actual_zero_bet}") 60 actual_budget -= actual_highs_bet + actual_double_street_bet + actual_zero_bet 61 print(f"Your budget is {actual_budget}") 62 actual_highs_bet = actual_highs_bet * progresion 63 actual_double_street_bet = actual_double_street_bet * progresion 64 actual_zero_bet = actual_zero_bet * progresion 65 print() 66 if actual_budget >= budget + win_limit or actual_budget - bet < budget - loss_limit: 67 game_limits = False 68print("====================================") 69print(f"you have reached your limit") 70print(f"Your budget is {actual_budget}.") 71print("====================================")

The bet should look like this: Bonds Bet

in my opinion the optimal strategy is to pay attention to the rolls, you can bet 1-18 or 19-36 which is essentially a coin flip which means you have about 50% chance to win. So the goal should be to lose a couple times in a row and then you start increasing your risk and if you havent seen for example the 1st 12 in a while then you start chasing that cluster of numbers, maybe with a martingale strat.

The interesting thing about roulette is that the numbers are distributed unevenly. If you make thousands of spins, all the numbers will fall approximately equally often, on average once every 37 spins. In the short run, however, this is not the case. Some numbers repeat frequently and others take quite a long time to fall. That's a fact. Roulette will never behave predictably, but even in this randomness, certain patterns can be traced. Some strategies try to bet on repeating numbers, while other strategies bet on numbers that have not fallen for a long time, because sooner or later they will also fall (and after a while they will also start to repeat). Both approaches can be correct and both can fail. Basically, every time you spin, there is still the same probability that something will fall, regardless of what fell before. Each strategy exists in many different modifications to suit each player's taste and setup.

the session i just played 21 hit twice in a row and then 22. my strategy was to bet 1st 12 and last 12 to catch it when it fell outside that range, didnt expect to hit inside it 3 times in a row tho so i got wrecked but manged to turn it around and up with a profit in the end. gave you some sats

Thanks, hopefully they'll bring me luck in the game.

I tried the Martingale system before your first article on lightning roulette and still managed to get wiped out, though my losses ultimately amounted to less than a dollar. I'm not much of a gambler.

Yes, as I wrote no system will guarantee you a win. In future episodes I would like to discuss a system that is not so capital intensive.

Yes. I enjoyed your first post because it matched my experience with Martingale. As I said, I'm not a big gambler, but I actually played roulette in Prague during a trip in 1996. That's the only time I have been to the Czech Republic.

Alternatively, if you feel that you will hit the 1st dozen, you can bet mirror on the low numbers and the 19-24 streets, or any other streets from the unbet numbers that you think will bring you luck. The probability of success and the payout ratio remains the same.

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