Hey SN, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to websites, domains, etc. but it's time for me to start building (build something bitcoiners want!) and I'm just looking for some good resources to get started. Anything you got is much appreciated.
For a total noob I would recommend to take it easy with simple things. First you need learn networking, at least at basic level. Second, you didn't say for what you want to build a website. Is just a blog, is an webapp, is and information website?
  1. Buy a domain, it doesn't really matter from where, but at least look about to have easy setup DNS and stuff like that. Then to be cheap.
  2. If you do not want to self hosted at home, buy a good VPS, with a decent space for your web and traffic. Some domain sellers are also offering hosting. Analyze the offers. But I would go more for self hosting first, to learn basic stuff.
  3. Setup a simple machine PC with LinuxOS (it doesn't really matter the flavour) + web server. Ubuntu already come with webserver.
  4. Setup a Wordpress web framework. It's very easy to start for a noob. Later you will have time to learn more types of webs.
  5. Setup a static public IP from your ISP and open the port 80 and 443 on your router and forward the ports to your local hosting machine IP.
  6. Point your domain and www host to your static public IP.
  7. setup a free SSL certificate with letsencrypt for your wordpress site.
Done, start building your first web, install wordpress plugins as you need. Easy peasy for a total noob.
Thanks Darth, probably a simple bitcoin related web app for my own learning to start. But I would like to work with Lightning Network as well, which of your guides would be most applicable?
A lot of info and resources about LN you have here https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/lightning-network-is-awesome
W3schools freecodeccamp html.com learn-html.org .... There are lots
ahem So, people will say ruby on rails is slow because twitter got big mad one time, but remember, people scale with docker containers through Kubernetes these days, so it isn't even a problem.
I like ruby. Its an easy language to learn. It interprets to C and so if you felt so inclined, you could compile it in C.
I like a good graphical front end builder so do all that front end mess for me. The tooling has gotten really good for it. I use nicepage
There are many services that offer domain names, web hosting and website building tools.
What are you trying to build?
Not entirely sure but something basic like an info site, or simple web app/game to get a handle on networking, hosting, and all that. My end goal is to make something utilizing the Lightning Network, just not sure where to start.
fire up a wordpress, it's designed for people just like you