Damn, I have a lot of apple devices

Keep writing these amazing articles!

yea keep writing them but not in a closed silo like substack

I like Substack but hate fiat subscriptions. I’m maxed out on them. Pay-as-you-read with sats fixes that!

nothing wrong with substack. Is a good way to stay a nym. Nowadays people still don't know how to make the difference between private and public. They still mix them together and still scream about "privacy"... pathetic.

Why people are so extreme with meaningless things, meanwhile they are still supporting govs, fiat and so called "laws"?

Hypocrisy 100%

So much wrong with substack. I'm not supporting any laws whatsoever. I think you are also mixing public with private: the contents of your blog may be public but the reading habits of your followers are not, so the privacy of your readers is violated. But this is mostly not about privacy or anonymity, it's about freedom and resiliency. If you care about freedom you shouldn't be posting in a closed platform like substack, they hold your content ransom and your followers. You’re trusting a third party to host your content, and they can purge you at any time.

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Agree on some of the points.

This blog used to be self-hosted. However the software I was using conked out after I did a software update and i was left hanging.

Substack allows you to export content and subs at any time.

I also self host some of my private webs. What is private, is private. But what is public I prefer to keep them on public hosting, free, non-KYC, under a nym.

This is how you keep public and private separately, but some people don't know how to make the difference between them.

Lol he just said "closed silo" and you got all worked up with public vs private. Then he said this is mostly not about privacy or anonymity, and you keep insisting

Also interesting that a tough guy like you can't say "YOU" instead of its passive aggressive version "some people"

And who is forcing you to register with substack just for reading my posts? NOBODY.

Could you read all posts for free and without giving any personal information? Yes. So where is the problem?

privacy of your readers is violated.

Please explain how? LOL you are so fucking paranoia. Why are you browsing internet anyways, it violates your "privacy" anyways...

you sound like a nocoiner ignoring advise

How? Fingerprinting

Thank you, sir!

We are going into a future (not really a future anymore) which I don't like and scares me for some years now. I know when conspiracy theorists were talking about this and people laughed at them and now it becomes reality. Who is laughing now?

Adoption is an uphill battle. Big tech has had some duds, like Google+ and Meta. Hopefully this will be another. If getting people to switch social media platforms is hard, I imagine getting them to implant chips in their bodies en masse will be much harder. At some point the government will get involved and use force.

Interesting article. Cheers 🍻

Well on the positive side: If Apple does it, it will be a choice if I want it or not. If I was Chinese and the Chinese government mandated it, I wouldn't have a free choice.

Ah, the article outlines why there's not really any choice, even with Apple.

Fantastic article, fantastic blog. Wen premium content?

Thank you sir!

Interesting, I'll have to think about that.