What type of additions are needed? there are many wallets in gitlab issues of WalletScrutiny project that aren't on the website yet, including wallets for platforms the website doesn't list yet like desktop wallets and browser extensions.
if you know a wallet that not on a website and not in below lists, please reply here or in the related gitlab issue, thanks.
List of nodes & payment processors & send or receive only wallets https://gitlab.com/walletscrutiny/walletScrutinyCom/-/issues/227
Regarding updating reviews of the wallets on website, sure some reviews get outdated over time, it's open source project both contributions on gitlab are welcome https://gitlab.com/walletscrutiny/walletScrutinyCom/ and donations https://walletscrutiny.com/donate/
disclaimer: I am contributor to WalletScrutiny project and most wallets on the website and in gitlab issues were found by me.