"We cannot allow a competitor to sow confusion in the marketplace by trading on the good will associated with our name"

1000 downloads on google play. If anything Tari gets to play on the goodwill of Taro and Lightling labs if they get to keep the name. But really this is silly. Going to court over a name change. Paying lawyers, etc. for projects of this size with barely any users. Waste of time sad

And Taro is named Taro because its a form of Taproot afaik, and it uses the Bitcoin softfork Taproots functionality afaik. There is no malicious intend behind, if anything Tari could have benefited by going in the wake of Taro. Also wouldnt it be hilarious if down the road Tari wallet ends up supporting Taro.. Rant over

It seems intuitive, taproot, taro, root vegetable, I mean, what taf is "tari". It's not a name, that's Tarik. Tarry means to waste time. Or covered in black sticky goo.