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Example number 30483683 of why intellectual property laws are dumb, harmful, and purely to protect incumbents and enrich lawyers

Yeah, but to someone outside the space... they happen to not just be both 4 letter starting with Tar, end in a vowel, I and O next to eachother on keyboard, crypto things, but they are both asset issuance crypto things.

Taro is a protocol on a proper second layer. Tari is a sidechain. They could have gotten a 75 year old judge though.

Still sucks.

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Contrarian voice here

If Tari was really first in copyrighting a name, then they are the rightful owners of that name.

There is a good reason why Coca-Cola could sue me if I started selling Caco-Cola with a red label, for example...


  • Change the name Taro into something else, I propose Tarot. πŸ˜‚
  • Wait till VC funding is dried up for Tari.
  • Keep building Taro/Tarot like nothing happened.
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Well, that’s silly. It’s not even the same word. Besides, Taro is an acronym for Taproot Asset Representation Overlay.

Taproot... Taro = tuber. Tari doesn't have any visible connection to this. Using a court to create publicity material.

Also, why it would be better to not have a "yada yada" foundation when it comes to anything if we want it to be decentralised. Bitcoin core repo is a benevolant dictatorship of seniority. I for one am raising my glass for the appearance of a software repository protocol that detaches code from platforms. Sooner the better.

Jack, crack that whip!

PS: this is why I think we should formally refer to our work as "The Indra Network Protocol". Copyright Prior Art Bitch! Also: Protocol, not a property, a pattern.

"We cannot allow a competitor to sow confusion in the marketplace by trading on the good will associated with our name"

1000 downloads on google play. If anything Tari gets to play on the goodwill of Taro and Lightling labs if they get to keep the name. But really this is silly. Going to court over a name change. Paying lawyers, etc. for projects of this size with barely any users. Waste of time sad

And Taro is named Taro because its a form of Taproot afaik, and it uses the Bitcoin softfork Taproots functionality afaik. There is no malicious intend behind, if anything Tari could have benefited by going in the wake of Taro. Also wouldnt it be hilarious if down the road Tari wallet ends up supporting Taro.. Rant over

It seems intuitive, taproot, taro, root vegetable, I mean, what taf is "tari". It's not a name, that's Tarik. Tarry means to waste time. Or covered in black sticky goo.

So stupid. I have developed a wallet for Taro protocol and now the development on it gets bogged down like this.


I guess I will have to come up with better name too.

I have to admit though I am getting some traffic from people looking for $TARO token from Roborera and Taroverse.

meh Taro is lame anyway, I'm holding out for pear credit

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𝐇𝗼𝐰𝐝𝐲 𝐝𝗼 ? 🀠 πŸ‘‹

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