I am not much of a gamer myself. I enjoy playing a couple sports games on PS4. Mostly Madden and MLB the show.

I rarely ever played mobile games until I started checking out Thndr games and zebedee offerings due to the bitcoin integration. Now I occasionally play a few of the games they offer. Mostly club bitcoin solitaire.

Recently, I have interacted with a few people on Twitter who are actually using gaming to acquire their first sats. One was from Venezuela and two others from Africa. I even discovered a tutorial an african bitcoiner has put together to show new stackers how to earn sats through games and other mediums such as Fountain, Bitcoin Magazine and of course stacker news.

I am very bullish on the idea of folks in some underprivileged countries getting on ramped to bitcoin through gaming. I hope in the future the gaming platforms add a bit of educational content to help these folks along their stacking journey.

Cheers, GR


What needs to happen for casinos, or independent slot machine operators, to offer payouts in bitcoin? I figure it would be easier legally to offer payouts in bitcoin vs. accepting Bitcoin for wagers. Are there any compliance hurdles currently that would prohibit this?

Can you imagine the first las vegas casino that offers even one row of lightning slot machines that take fiat but zap cashouts in sats. The line would be out the door with bitcoiners. I haven't been to vegas in over 10 years and never really played slots when I used to go but I would go for that and probably not play anything else while I was there.

Another idea would be just to GIVE them a certain amount of bitcoin so they aren't having to "play games in dire situations".

There are a number of bitcoin communities you can donate to. I am sure it you specify you would like the donation split up and given to some new stackers in the community or people who need it most, they can oblige.

100%. I'd love to see a link to the tutorial.

I will look through his tweets to find it. It's all in french and I haven't studied french since grade 8. Je ne comprend pas.

I think gaming, education and bitcoin can come together to make earning and learning more fun for everyone!

I imagine telling my grandkids that I used to play video games to get sats and they give me “sure grandma, let’s get you to bed meme” lol.

Addicited to Minecraft with bitcoin in it, it's like living in a hyperbitcoinized world Satlantis.net

Forgot to mention you can earn sats with a miner in the game, one player has earned 300k btc just playing. Also an Auction house where you can sell stacks of in game stuff for sats.

I have a game side-project right now built in the latest Godot 4 engine. It's a top-down 2D procedurally generated survival/strategy build type of game.

I am integrating pay-to-expedite mechanics using the technique described on insert-coins.org

Also been thinking about how the game can teach the principles of Bitcoin without distracting from the fun too much.