I read about how this is supposed to be easier than lightning, then read some requirements about needing to run a bitcoin node AND a lightning node before you can run this. Something seems a little "off" with that.

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Where did you read this? You do not need to run a bitcoin and lightning node to use CashU--you may be talking about running a mint, which you can also do on .

BTC sessions did a great demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riTRD0BdMDI

Also check out https://nutstash.app and https://cashu.space for more information.

Yeah, I'm not talking "use as a service" but "use as a service with a high degree of privacy.

The person running the mint is taking on more work, but it allows them to offer an easy on-ramp to others who are less technical (and willing to trust them). I wrote a bit on it here: https://blog.yonson.dev/log/2023-03-vol3/

And you have to burn the tokens and remint them.