Is Bitfinex about to be a rehypothecated mystery sats fractional reserve wrapped Bitcoin bank? (I certainly left out a few slurs, but you know who wants to hear a long list of slurs?)

Storing sats with custodians, it doesn't matter the scheme. They might rug you/fractional reserve.

At least with eCash there is some decent privacy benefits when using a custodian.

I'm a custodianship maxi, but i use custodial services all the time: WoS,,

they are just very convenient. I wish they would offer me better privacy and data security by using an eCash clearing system instead of storing sats balance on the db

I'm still curious about the long list tho

saw a note today from calle about cashu over nostr

not too sure what to link here, so here's the event id -


and a direct link -

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Drop your npub, I'll send you CashU ecash over nostr.

thanks for the offer, but i'm just pressing my face up against the glass with a lot of this stuff like Nostr/Cashu/LNbits to get an idea of it - i saw the note in passing while looking at the satellite client post here on SN -

I read about how this is supposed to be easier than lightning, then read some requirements about needing to run a bitcoin node AND a lightning node before you can run this. Something seems a little "off" with that.

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Where did you read this? You do not need to run a bitcoin and lightning node to use CashU--you may be talking about running a mint, which you can also do on .

BTC sessions did a great demo video:

Also check out and for more information.

Yeah, I'm not talking "use as a service" but "use as a service with a high degree of privacy.

The person running the mint is taking on more work, but it allows them to offer an easy on-ramp to others who are less technical (and willing to trust them). I wrote a bit on it here:

And you have to burn the tokens and remint them.

Use a cashew