He seems pretty sure that we're headed for a full-on megabank crisis that makes 2008 look like child's play.

EVEN IF HE'S RIGHT, his time horizon is unrealistic for that many people to come to understand & invest in bitcoin in time. - And never bet against the government's ability to propogandize the masses and make them somehow believe the crashes aren't that big of a deal for years, just like they did with the covid vaccine.

He gonna lose $2 m in 90 days. Hope I'm wrong, but I'd take his bet in a heartbeat.

I think he's absolutely insane, but I also think that bitcoin's extremely scare nature has the capability of making it blow the fuck up if mass adoption were to hit overnight. Even everyday plebs figuring out how to buy $100-$1000 on cashapp would cause a wild upward swing

Idkkk man, a lot can happen in three months, can’t underestimate this insane timeline we live in. Buying more bitcoin regardless.