Can we talk about Balaji? He is much more succesful than me, but his claim to fame was a pharmaceutical startup many moons ago, which he sold at the right time, for a couple hundred million dollars. Since then he hasnt really achived anything. He got on board as Coinbase chief technical officier afaik, but he soon quit, probably because he realized that had real responsibility and work. He has since then just been a twitter troll afaik, and this contribution is not that different imo.

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Eh I wouldn't worship him, but you're short changing him.

He's been advising much of Silicon Valley since his exit 20 years ago (he was at a16z before most people even knew it existed). He has been quoting Sovereign Individual since 2013. He was CTO at Coinbase because his company Earn, which is a kind of grandfather to all bitcoin earning applications (lightning just didn't exist yet), was acquired by Coinbase.

Recently, he was way ahead on the significance and consequences of covid. (Yes, people who think covid is the flu think he's a hysteric; regardless, he predicted the gov response to covid months before governments even began responding to covid.)

Granted, he makes a lot of predictions and we are all prone to forgetting "the misses," but he's been early, precise, and right more than nearly anyone that I know of.

That said, this prediction seems bonkers to me too. The strongest thing it has going for it is he's closely connected to people collectively managing trillions of dollars.