I'm just here learning about lightning network and discovered this cool stacker news website :) trying my 5 free comments :)

I have installed Breez wallet and did my first lightning login ever by taking a picture of the QR here and my mind was blown.

This is so cool to be able to login in a site like this! Where can I learn more about what is really happening under the hood when doing it? What information is sent from my wallet? And is Breez ok to use? I read that Muun was recommended but I guess Breez works too. Is there any other wallet I should have a look?

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Welcome fellow stacker! SN has been eye opening for me and using lightning since I found it around Christmas last year.

And agreed when I first logged in with my Phoenix wallet I immediately wanted it implemented more places.

@k00b has built a great space for the community.

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I give a high level tldr here: https://stacker.news/items/46434

Breez is a great wallet to use. It's fully non-custodial and runs a lightning node on your phone. The team takes a long term view.

Muun does not support lightning login AFAIK. It's also not technically a lightning wallet. It's an onchain wallet that just-in-time swaps funds to/from lightning.

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Here's a longer write up on lightning auth by @heisenberg: https://stacker.news/items/98600

Here's one of our more popular discussions about Muun vs other lightning wallets: https://stacker.news/items/84104

Thank you for the info. Really nice. Now I want to try Phoenix too :) The thing I am not liking about Breez is that it doesn't give me the 12 words, only an option to encrypt it along with channels and backup it in google drive and an option to restore only from Breez. I know these wallets are going to be used for small quantities of sats, but still, I don't like that idea. But so far it works well. I still don't understand how the on-chain to off-chain works with the submarine swaps and what implications it has so, since I already have a full node, I am on the brink of falling into the rabbit hole of installing a LN node too but I find it more complex so this is why I wanted to start with Breez or now maybe Phoenix.

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You need to understand the tradeoffs related to Lightning backups: https://doc.breez.technology/Backup-FAQ.html#does-breez-have-a-backup-seed

In any case, Breez Interoperable with lnd nodes. It means, you can actually transfer the wallet files to a standard lnd node.

Thank you. I understand that continuous backups are needed. I see it can use Nextcloud too and not only Google Drive. Cool ! And I for sure need to learn more about Breez, and lnd nodes, and everything, because I just installed it. I was just sharing my first impression. Thanks for the information.

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Sure thing. With any Lightning wallet there so much more than meets the eye. Is the wallet running a node on the device? Are swaps trustless? What's the backup tradeoff model? Etc. It's a completely different paradigm than on-chain.


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