We are creating a super simple platform to allow nostriches and bitcoin maxis to buy and sell digital goods.


Welcoming and feedback and/or suggestion.


Looks cool! Definitely going to try it out.

Thanks, we'll share some figma prototype soon for UX research purposes. stay tuned

Upload works okay, but I noticed that when you click upload an image the photo field doesn't update to show that you've successfully done it. You don't know for sure until you hit the Add button at the bottom.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll work on it. Please consider it's still really early stage WIP MVP/PoC

For sure! And I love the idea. Keep building great stuff!

lol, I learned from the screenshot I can use React.FC to type my functional component. I always just typed props and used JSX.Element as the return value. Now I feel pretty dumb haha