When I first tried all btc, ltc and dogecoin qt's, I did not understand anything. When I sent some dogecoin to my gui, I never saw them again, because the daemon was still syncing (It never finished the sync), and also because I had already exported the wallet as a paper wallet, that I then deleted or lost somehow, but it was "ok" since I remembered the "1234doge" password I used to back it up, password I thought was the seed, so that I would be able to recover funds via any wallet.... in my case it was like 7USD of dogecoin. I imagine if I had done that same experiment when I first heard of bitcoin in 2011, and instead of losing 150 dogecoins, I would have lost 150 bitcoin. Luckily I did the experiment with a shitcoin.

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Finally, a use case for shitcoins

Yeah indeed! I did finally learn how to properly use them (bitcoin cli and qt) on testnet, but I prefer to interact via the electrum wallet/server, or the LND suite.