Our culture already has the concept of hidden messages. You know those children's detective stories where the gang finds e.g. a book with some words highlighted for secret messages?

scooby doo

Or people playing pop songs backwards and claim to have found satanic messages? Or more generally the pop-fiction concept of finding ancient wisdom in old texts? It's a common trope everywhere. How exciting! Just ... that isn't reality for the most part. Except that it will totally be a thing.

People loose access to their Bitcoin. All the time.

Most Mining rewards from Bitcoin were early. And early on few people saw Bitcoin as a store of value. And it's exchange value wasn't that high. It is hard to estimate how much Bitcoin is lost forever. On some old laptops. From ordinary people that just wanted to buy some weed.

Here is a podcast episode about someone searching for the Bitcoin he had back in the day.


Maybe we should have distributed all mining rewards more slowly. Or maybe we shouldn't have and not knowing how much money actually is in supply is part of the design.

The future is going to be a mystical place

This concept of people finding Bitcoin will be everywhere. People finding Bitcoin - in paper wallets in a safe, with their grandma having highlighted 24 words in a random book in the shelf, with a steel plate hidden under the tile in the floor, with someone stumbling upon an 20 year old Reddit post of some idiot who wrote it down in public without anybody noticing.

(I think generally searching through ancient Internet stuff that takes forever to load is going to be a thing. Like the library of Alexandria. Be prepared for fun times.)


Remember, there are billions of people on this planet. All the stuff that can happen, will happen.

In real life you will hear about it because everyone knows someone who knows someone. In the news because it is an easy story to tell - comparable to people finding native american gold in their backyard - just that it can happen to anybody anytime not just new homeowners. In fiction novels because it is easy plot device. In Navy CIS like TV shows, in cinema, everywhere.

It will happen regardless of Bitcoins price

This is not a prediction that depends on the world being hyperbitcoinized and people finding a $5 note on the way home. No, the pieces are all in place right now. Low amounts from 2010 are a treasure now. And your normal life savings could be a treasure to your grandchildren.

And make sure to not loose your Bitcoin in an actual boating accident that somebody has to find in 100 years.



If you would read my substack guides, there's a treasure inside one of them: 1 BTC hidden in 12 words spread around inside a guide.

Find the 12 words and get the 1BTC.

Need to download all your guides now...

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Ok. So even if this hunt is false, I am having a blast looking for patterns, and trimming down potential seed lists, then trying to import them, waiting for the import and then failure.

And then you realize the power of simply 12 words....

Are they in order within that guide?

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Can they all be found in the English translation guides, or spread about languages?

How can I contact you, Darth?

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What's the address credited?

Whatever address you send it to.

You don't get it. If @DarthCoin really created a bitcoin puzzle then they can at least show us the address they credited, not to mention actually proving it is their address by signing a message with its private key.

I think the mystery is part of the fun

Exactly. And proof of work. Bitcoin is all about proof of work. People today only want shortcuts but do not want to do the proof of work. You understand Bitcoin when you understand what really is proof of work.

Lolwat? It's not about any shortcuts, seeing an address and a signed message does not give any advantage in looking for the seed word. It just proves you actually have the bitcoins you said are the reward. That's the least you can do. Otherwise it's not a mystery, it's most likely trolling - anyone can say there is a bitcoin hidden in their comment/blog/video, good luck finding it... wasting people's time on looking for something that does not exist. Fun is when the probability of winning/finding something is low but is guaranteed that the reward is really there.

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Darthcoin can show it or not. You can choose to participate or not.

Man, you still don't get it. I didn't put that 1BTC in open text, just for some dudes to grab it.

I put it for various reasons:

  • to show to people that you don't need super sophisticated devices or combinations to hide some seed words.
  • to have a backup somewhere else, that seed is just a copy of another safe place where I save it.
  • if you really want to take the 1BTC, go ahead try it, why do you need proof of existence? Why do you need clues? To make it easier for you? Work fo it if you really want it.

Checking the words in your post for seeds...

When I first tried all btc, ltc and dogecoin qt's, I did not understand anything. When I sent some dogecoin to my gui, I never saw them again, because the daemon was still syncing (It never finished the sync), and also because I had already exported the wallet as a paper wallet, that I then deleted or lost somehow, but it was "ok" since I remembered the "1234doge" password I used to back it up, password I thought was the seed, so that I would be able to recover funds via any wallet.... in my case it was like 7USD of dogecoin. I imagine if I had done that same experiment when I first heard of bitcoin in 2011, and instead of losing 150 dogecoins, I would have lost 150 bitcoin. Luckily I did the experiment with a shitcoin.

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Finally, a use case for shitcoins

Yeah indeed! I did finally learn how to properly use them (bitcoin cli and qt) on testnet, but I prefer to interact via the electrum wallet/server, or the LND suite.

Imagine the disappointment in someone 200 years from now finding your steel plate. Unlocking the wallet. Seeing a whole long list of transactions, but a final one sweeping it all clean either behind a passphrase on that seed or to an entirely new one.

Let's try; Password Leaf Bitchtits Tardigrade WillyWonkaWasaWombat Burger Botulism BruceWilliswasDeadtheWholetimE Indianaletitgo 42069 69420 FednowIsSpYwarE666

Nothin here Larry. Just another ledger of transactions past.

гениально. я только что усовершенствоватл это. Ии сгенерируй мне 24 слова в одной картинке. а теперь прикинь что картинка из 24 предметов может содержать трилионы? какаво это осознать. ты даже можешь показать всем но разгодать нет возможности иза отсутствия понимания какие это были слова.

with their grandma having highlighted 24 words in a random book in the shelf

This is a terrible idea. Words in books are much less random than genuine seeds are. If people start doing this, other people will start brute forcing seeds made from subsets of books, and ₿ will get stolen.

This is paragraph is related to the following sentence:

Remember, there are billions of people on this planet. All the stuff that can happen, will happen.

I guess this wasn't clear since the image inbetween confuses it.

I do think all kinds all paper wallets that can happen will happen, no matter how good or bad they are.

One day the initial algorithms used by Bitcoin will be broken, and these lost coins will be unlocked. Likely not in our lifetimes, but 100 or 200 years from now.

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