If you would read my substack guides, there's a treasure inside one of them: 1 BTC hidden in 12 words spread around inside a guide.

Find the 12 words and get the 1BTC.

Need to download all your guides now...

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Ok. So even if this hunt is false, I am having a blast looking for patterns, and trimming down potential seed lists, then trying to import them, waiting for the import and then failure.

And then you realize the power of simply 12 words....

Are they in order within that guide?

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Can they all be found in the English translation guides, or spread about languages?

How can I contact you, Darth?

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What's the address credited?

Whatever address you send it to.

You don't get it. If @DarthCoin really created a bitcoin puzzle then they can at least show us the address they credited, not to mention actually proving it is their address by signing a message with its private key.

I think the mystery is part of the fun

Exactly. And proof of work. Bitcoin is all about proof of work. People today only want shortcuts but do not want to do the proof of work. You understand Bitcoin when you understand what really is proof of work.

Lolwat? It's not about any shortcuts, seeing an address and a signed message does not give any advantage in looking for the seed word. It just proves you actually have the bitcoins you said are the reward. That's the least you can do. Otherwise it's not a mystery, it's most likely trolling - anyone can say there is a bitcoin hidden in their comment/blog/video, good luck finding it... wasting people's time on looking for something that does not exist. Fun is when the probability of winning/finding something is low but is guaranteed that the reward is really there.

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Darthcoin can show it or not. You can choose to participate or not.

Man, you still don't get it. I didn't put that 1BTC in open text, just for some dudes to grab it.

I put it for various reasons:

  • to show to people that you don't need super sophisticated devices or combinations to hide some seed words.
  • to have a backup somewhere else, that seed is just a copy of another safe place where I save it.
  • if you really want to take the 1BTC, go ahead try it, why do you need proof of existence? Why do you need clues? To make it easier for you? Work fo it if you really want it.