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Bitcoin is peace!

Is bitcoin connected to Russian or Chinese banking system? You can legally sell for RUB or CNY somewhere?

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I finally made pinned threads sort by recent by default fyi

Wondering how much Peter Schiff has been wanting to choke his son like Bart Simpson this last week.

can you imagine being some poor El Salvadoran who was paid in Bitcoin a few weeks ago for the smoothie he makes to tourists, and then waking up today and finding his net worth doubled

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it's good they probably bought the 60k top like I did 😂

What would the price of Bitcoin have to be in order for two pizzas to be roughly 10,000 sats

10k sats are now 2.79 USD

2 large pizzas would be about $28, so that means 10x current price, therefore the answer is $279,046

Nice. TY. Around that price BTC will be about 50% of gold market cap AFAIK. So lots of synergy at that level it seems. Have a nice day.

If BTC hits $1M within 90 days and then crashes, that will give them the narrative to ban it. I mean envy alone from every lawmaker is going to make them ban it. But also ifit crashes, they can blame the financial turmoil that is unravelining on it as well. So yea theres a narrative for BTC going to $1M, caus its easier for the money printers to pump it than crash it. And they can use this to their advantage.

законы будут меняться без правил... и ты увидишь того кто это делает... ты готов?

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Just opened up my first lightning channel and sent some sats from my own node. A great feeling. Now off to get some inbound channels. Rock on.

Welcome my friend!!

Welcome to the fun!

Just Learnt about Mining Distribution schemes: Pay Per Last Number of Shares (PPLNS) and Pay Per Share (PPS) as two of the most popular mining distribution schemes that are used by mining pools to distribute rewards.

Wondering which is the best

если на более 100 дней оба одинаковы... если комиссии большие то pplns

Howdy everyone!!! It's Sunday funday, green candles yesterday and the uptrend seems to be getting momentum so time it right and do your thing, you've got this. Never forget that you matter, no matter the obstacles on the road you will reach the end of it, just enjoy the ride and keep looking forward, be well my friend and stay frosty.


I should try to fix my fucking life, starting with cleaning my damn room.

One day at a time. Just today, do the right thing.

Keep doing it, and suddenly you'll be in a much better position.

Thank you for this. I really appreciated it.

не застовляй себя это сделать. пусть настанет тот момент когда это будет необходимо. например придёт подружка или друг... так это работает...

Right there with you.