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I’m learning about Nostr,m and how it can help us to shear opinions and the rapid development there

A nice thing about lightning is that its "live" so if you for example used something and saw they accepted Bitcoin donations, who knows when they put that on-chain adress up there? who knows if they still control it. With lightning your payment will most likely fail if the reciever isnt able to actually recieve it. So less chance of wasting money u could argue.

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Reached a stacking goal today. If I was a few weeks earlier and more tenacious I could have avoided the recent run up. Oh well, I made it anyway.

Little by little, slow and steady my savings is adding up. Also, thank you anyone who has tipped me on here. You've not only helped but made this whole space feel more alive than ever.

May you all have a beautiful rest of your day and stack them sats!

Just excited to announce I just got done implementing the first message of the hidden service chat protocol, client sends encrypted route request message to the introducer, introducer wraps it in the reply onion. The hidden service can now send a "ready" message back to the client, and the bulk of this procedure repeats for the request/response cycle.

While anonymity is a central goal of Indra, hidden services also function as a way to simplify p2p network programming. They function as a new kind of virtual network listener that doesn't leak its location to the network. Primarily they are for anonymity, but the location concealing 4 hop paths are just one layering construction. The messages could be sent in parallel with redundancy with only one intermediate point on each of the paths, and provide an unprecedented capability to users: fast, low latency connections that can survive everything but the absolute worst case doomsday scenario.

The democratising of running servers has been a bee in my bonnet since I got started using the internet. The big boys erect unduly high barriers against us little people doing business on the internet without their permissions and licences. Indra will once and for all end the two class society of internet users.

Anyone else getting a little spooked now? Before it seemed like meme-ing where nothing ever happens but banks looked really fucked now

They are

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All roads point to bail-ins. Inevitable, as is the blame game that shall follow.

They have known about the end of Fiat 1.0 decades ago. It’s all part of their plan to have everyone holding their brand-new empty plastic bags. Fiat 2.0

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Yes. We know the playbook is more inflation and fast, but I have no idea what it'll look like. Still haven't read my copy of When Money Dies.

Send it

This is the way!

It is clear as day that not only is the financial system is in duress, the dollar itself is having problems. But there is still significant apathy and distrust toward Bitcoin. It makes me think that mainstream adoption will never happen.

I'd be skeptical too if I didn't have a solid grasp of the technology. The only way to trust it is to use it, but using it also requires a good amount of technical know-how. That could change fast though with the right UX. Look at the adoption of the smart phone.

Hopefully someone invents the iPhone of Bitcoin. And soon!

Using Blixt Wallet to learn more about Lightning Network node management. Also reading more about Nostr and the rapid development there

GM and PV!


Using Blixt Wallet to learn more about Lightning Network node management.

I have a lightning node running with some channels, any idea on how can I also do that with blixt wallet?

One cannot run routing nodes as they are private. However, I am running two channels, learning to keep them balanced, etc. All while researching an equipment purchase.

What is the meaning of being balanced? thanks

Ensuring Inbound and outbound liquidity capacity isnt too heavy on one side or the other