I've been pretty happy with Presearch, but I'm curious what other people are using.

if it's not too late, I'd recommend fastmail over proton

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Fastmail does not accept bitcoin anymore, and it’s not an oversight: https://reclaimthenet.org/fastmail-email-ends-bitcoin-payments

Personally, I prefer to choose suppliers that accept bitcoin whenever I can. Now that Lightning works, what’s their excuse?

Searx instances, Brave Search or Duckduckgo

I used Duckduckgo for a long time, but stopped when they started officially censoring searches.

Pity about the shitcoinery.

Compared to what?

it is much more that just search

Stallman's the 🐐

You had me at "reasons".

Followed by: Reason's not to have sex with underaged persons.

Google is starting to lose market share, to Bing mostly but still a long way to go before they really would even notice that they're losing money, their search network is designed to not push users through to sites and remain in google unless its for an add they can get paid on and they're incentivised to send people to sites (like news sites) that have GDN running on them so they can pick up revenue even when they do send users to sites

I'm using brave browser, might check out Imprevious browser

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Any search engine that uses Lightning instead of some altcoin (similar to Presearch) ?

Currently in the process of migrating to Proton.

“don’t be evil” - lol

I used Duckduckgo