Hello everyone!

I have released a chrome extension that allows you to have a nostri.chat on any website. The extension uses nostri.chat by @PABLOF7z to create the live chat and to reference the pages it takes the url without the http(s):// prefix and queries and adds it to an 'r' tag (nip12). This way you can create conversations about any page or topic, even on Twitter or in a YouTube live! Goodbye big companies, jailers of our data, now you have a big purple booger all over you. I created a worker to serve you the script that loads nostrichat on demand, so now you can even use it without installing the extension, more details below. The extension also opens a new chat window every time you use it and show you the link and qr to share the room.

How it works:

Once you have installed the extension in Chrome, you can click on its icon to open a new window with a live chat based on the URL you are visiting. In this way, you can comment via nostr on any website on the Internet! Another option, if you do not use Chrome, is to use the Worker.

What happens in the background?

When you click on the extension icon, it automatically takes the url of the page you are visiting and formats it a bit to clean it from superfluous trackers, then with this url it makes a call to the cloudflare worker and it loads the live chat based on the url you are visiting.

What else can you do?

As there is a worker that provides the service, you can use it without having the extension installed. The root is chat.punkhub.me/ and you can use different hooks with it.
  • ref: puts an 'r' tag inside the notes.
  • For example: chat.punkhub.me/?ref=https://nostr.com/.
  • tag: puts a 't' tag inside the note.
  • For example: chat.punkhub.me/?tag=bitcoin.
  • relays: set the list of relays you connect to, if left empty it defaults to the list suggested by nostri.chat.
  • For example: chat.punkhub.me/?relays=wss://nos.lol,wss://relay.snort.social.
  • dm: Set the chat to dm type and take a public key in HEX format as value.
  • e.g: chat.punkhub.me/?dm=40b9c85fffeafc1cadf8c30a4e5c88660ff6e4971a0dc723d5ab674b5e61b451
  • hide-anon: hides the Ephemeral Keys button
  • e.g: chat.punkhub.me/?hide-anon
Of course you can combine these hooks, e.g:
  • chat.punkhub.me/?ref=https://nostr.com/&tag=bitcoin&relays=wss://nos.lol.
Does it work only on Chrome or on all Chromium-based browsers?
It should work on all Chromium-based browsers, but you don't even need chrome, you can use the hooks in the url, I just added a search box too, try it. chat.punkhub.me
I was imagining this concept awhile ago, I'm glad someone with the actual know-how actually built something! :D
This is badass - congrats!
Thanks! :)
Forgive my ignorance on these types of things. If I was to go to a YouTube video, and open the nostrichat extension, leave a message, is it only visible to people who also open the ext on that same video? Or does it get posted to all clients as well?
Is that what the nip does? Separates different forms, so things like a nostr blogging platform would only show long form blog style notes, and doesn't show up on damus or amethyst feeds, for example?
Either way, this is really awesome. I love the innovation