How is this distinct from the just released LN Bits Nostr Marketplace extension?
Other than the claim to allow trading (BTC?) and financial derivatives, (and could the LN Bits extension be tweaked to support such things if they were wanted ?) i'm not sure how this proposal competes/complements the LN Bits approach, which is available to use now.
@DarthCoin has a guide for the extension posted here today -
Happy to be enlightened by anyone in the know.
Looks like civ kit uses multisig escrow and the escrow agents have reputation
On nostr marketplace, merchants have reputation and there is no multisig escrow, but you can set it up so the person running the lnbits instance does a sort of fully custodial escrow
I think Civ Kit is doing slightly different thing, but based on the same protocol.
doesn't even need to be distinct, let people build, copy and fork as much as they want. Thats openness.