Lately I have been scouring youtube for old video lectures and interviews with the guys I consider bitcoin "legends". Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Andreas Antonopoulos
This video is from the Disrupt Symposium held in Athens, Greece in 2013. It's not easy to pick out just one video from Andreas Antonopoulos, who is probably the best bitcoin communicator and teacher ever. I really enjoy this video because it is so old by bitcoin standards, and he gives a masterful, energetic overview of bitcoin.
  • Nick Szabo
This video is from the Bitcoin Investor Conference in Las Vegas in 2015. Nick is brilliant. Many people think there is a strong possibility that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Hal Finney
I can't find any videos of Hal Finney other than this lecture he gave about Zero Knowledge Proofs back in 1998. He received the first bitcoin transaction from Saloshi Nakamoto, and many people believe he invented bitcoin. He tragically died young from ALS in 2014.
  • Gavin Andresen
I had many videos to choose from, but I like this interview he did back in 2013 on the Triangulation show. His reputation has been severely damaged over the years due to his position during the Blocksize Wars, and his since disavowed contention that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. None of this takes away from his intelligence, and the many years he served as bitcoin lead developer. He was also hand picked by Satoshi to carry the torch when bitcoin's inventor disappeared.
  • Adam Back
There are no shortage of videos of Adam Back floating around the internet, but I like this lecture he gave at the Bitcoin Israel Conference in February of 2014, where he discusses ecash in the context of fungibility and privacy. Adam Back, creator of hashcash, was the first person to receive a preliminary, stripped down version of the whitepaper directly from Satoshi.
  • David Chaum
Creator of Digicash, and one of the original cypherpunks, David Chaum's work and vision laid the foundation for bitcoin. This video from 2018 captures his intelligence and humor.
Erik Voorhees at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference: The Role of Bitcoin as Money
I'll check this out now. While digging through old videos I watched one of Charlie Shrem, who described Roger Ver introducing him to Eric Voorhees.
All authors and writers are people with the great purpose of lecturing of Bitcoin