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Epic site - wish I’d found it sooner

The music is front and center; we're playing it in the lab now! Much better experience than before. Reminds me of early Pandora.

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I still use Pandora to this day but I have my customized personalized stations I've been working on for seven years

also, everything we've been listening to has been great tracks, definitely will be playing it for our bitcoin++ party next friday let wavlake be the DJ 💻

Thank you @ThrillerX_ ! This is great to hear. More to come. Let us know if you have any suggestions (love this Wavlake jukebox idea that came up in the comments ❤️).

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For you YouTube junkies, ‘NoGood Radio’ is a great place to music listen 24/7, from a bitcoiner.

Saw it mentioned on the PlebDevs channel a few weeks back.

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Should also say they have their own website and so presumably plan to offer alternative streaming options in the future.

Features some decent merch

Will be nice to have a player displaying on a small screen: artist, song, a small logo, and a QR code where listeners can just send sats straight away.

Imagine this player posted in a bar or a work space, where many people are listening and passing around. If they like that song, just pull up their LN wallet and send some sats scanning the QR. Done.

ya right now we got it on our iPad where we do workshops

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Nice, but please fix authentication.

Agree. Add nostr and lightning

Done: Wavman

I don’t see it on mobile

Good point. Not to mention having to load a custodial wallet to then pay artists. LNURL solves both problems 😎

The requirement to deposit funds to the platform (or even to have an account) to boost tracks is gone since a few weeks 😊

Oh, that’s good. Well that didn’t feel like my initial experience but perhaps that’s because I couldn’t find artists until verifying my email - the zap button was disabled until after I did that (and loaded sats)

What's the issue you're seeing? Feel free to shoot us an email at contact or join our Telegram (link on our site)

Says Audio muted and won’t play on chromium