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I've told all my social circles about this site because it's not about bitcoin. It's about passing value without permission from any middleman and sacrificing personal information. I haven't been able to pay attention to my daily tasks since I figured this website out. It's developments like stacker.news that makes me want to travel the path less travelled as it has 100x more meaning. I'm not a coder but can use a bitcoin/lightning node. Any suggestions on how to contribute?

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Thanks 🙏 for sharing.

So you’re not a coder. What are you good at? What are your main interests outside of Bitcoin?

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I'm an accountant by trade. Although even that I have to question because I haven't come across any other accountant that acknowledges the terrible system the central banks use in order to maintain their books. How commercial banks obtain unqualified audit reports every year is beyond me! I'm comfortable with computers and basic line commands. I'm thinking instructional videos like how to use this site. Although I'm tossing up with the idea of learning some code but not sure where to start that will give me the biggest bang in the shortest period. I'm a bit like a kid in the candy store. I want it all but end up just staring in awe!

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I think if you summarize Accountant's needs when working with Bitcoin, write a post about it, become a bridge between accountants and bitcoiners, then there's a chance that couple of developers may join you and work on an open-source solution with your help.

What I was always wishing for is a personal application which securely tracks and pulls all my transactions from anywhere, but it doesn't leak any single piece of my information to anyone and is well encrypted. I wish this app would then let me securely track what I'm holding, generate documents for FinCen, generate txf to import to accounting software, etc. But I'm not expert on what is the best way to actually track my finances and that's where help from someone who knows more would be great.

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I asked what you did because I think the best thing anyone can do for Bitcoin is bring their expertise to the community and apply it. e.g. There are a lot of accounting problems for both individuals and companies holding Bitcoin given the regulations - you could write or do videos or create an excel program for Bitcoin accounting. That's just a random idea, but this is the thread I would pull on.

Although I'm tossing up with the idea of learning some code but not sure where to start that will give me the biggest bang in the shortest period.

Define what "biggest bang" and "shortest period" practically mean for you and I can try to recommend something.

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+1 here across the board.

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Keep showing up! These communities are all about the people.