This is another big new feature from LNbits, after the last release of NOSTR-Market from last week.

This time LNbits team worked hard to setup a SaaS server for LNbits, where users could buy a LNbits instance ready to be used in few clicks. Their announcement is here.

If you have an event and you want to use Bitcoin Lightning Network for that event, LNbits can offer you more than 30+ extensions that could be used for various use cases.

If you want to start teaching kids in schools, LNbits SaaS also could be a good option, spin it up in just few moments.

Here I wrote a detailed guide how to use LNbits SaaS for these two use cases:

I hope will be useful for you guys and girls, enjoy!


Thanks for the information Really appreciate

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Can't wait for a Fedimint & LNbits integration where any newbie can easily spin up an LNBits instance and use a Federation as its funding source. I think strikes a beautiful balance in feature richness, simplicity and risk.

Nostr is the way