Twitter (I'm being serious).
I can't say for sure, but I think all the offers on bitcoiner jobs receive too many applications. I hardly got reply from many of them and I'm the kind of guy that can easily get weekly phone calls if I apply to jobs on LinkedIn.
Best way to go would be to build up a good Twitter profile (or nostr, whatever, I use neither of them) and if you see someone needing a freelancer, shoot them up. Warm intros are the best, and if they know them at least as an acquaintance that's good enough.
As I mentioned somewhere else, bitcoin gigs are tough (your competition is people willing to earn very little), so the best thing you could do is open an LLC in US or use payoneer, etc. and simply find high-paying freelancing work there. I think there's a place that @DarthCoin recommended that helps you accept your dirty fiat and turn it into magic internet money. I might try it if I get a third job (when my daughter grows a bit I might).
Bitwage is best way to work as freelancer with many companies worldwide.
I couldn't remember the name, thanks Darth. Now I understand the use of bookmarks on SN ;)
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So you would say that LinkedIn is still the best job site out there, after all?
Yeah, I think it is. It seems people who are serious about hiring are always on LI. I'm part of a few freelancing websites (some of them supposed to be only for le cream of the crop) but I haven't had much success there.
Not a fan of their social media part, so I hardly ever check the feed.