Unpopular opinion... don't try to find that income in the BTC space.
It's an echo chamber and a very small community. Bitcoin adoption is very small and we're just fishing on a small pond. Unfortunately, it's much easier to get a crypto/shitcoin-related job in the next bull run.
On the past bull run I was offered plenty of very well-paying crypto jobs especially because I understood the fundamentals of bitcoin (Programming Bitcoin is a hard but excellent book). I almost accepted a job at Binance. Had cold feet on the very last minute and the lady from HR called me to my personal phone many times. I'd say if you get the chance do it, turn their dirty fiat into bitcoin, what could be better than that?
Don't get me wrong, I tried very hard to change the world and applied to literally every single bitcoin-only job for a few months. I got a few interviews and most places didn't even reply. ¯\(ツ)
Y combinator jobs is a good place to see what kind of technologies are popular on startups.
If I may suggest, Javascript/React jobs are very well paid (contrary to popular belief, both JS and React are very hard to do well). I read javascript.info and the official react docs and that was enough to be better than 90% of all the other devs.
I know what you mean about reading the docs. It's crazy how easy it is to get a leg up on most people by simply educating yourself. Reading the docs or maybe doing a $40 Udemy course and you're better than 90% of other devs (assuming you're a good learner and a decent dev to start with).
that's right. And it's going to become even more accentuated with chatgpt -- which I think it's to the advantage of those willing to do the hard work. It's not even that hard honestly. Hard would be to become a pro in cryptography. Most of us don't even need to get to that level.
I actually kind of have to thank social media / the internet / smartphones for letting me work less time. Since most people are very distracted, just by being a bit more focused you get so ahead of the curve. I still have plenty of distractions (SN mostly) but nothing compared to the average person.