I know what you mean about reading the docs. It's crazy how easy it is to get a leg up on most people by simply educating yourself. Reading the docs or maybe doing a $40 Udemy course and you're better than 90% of other devs (assuming you're a good learner and a decent dev to start with).
that's right. And it's going to become even more accentuated with chatgpt -- which I think it's to the advantage of those willing to do the hard work. It's not even that hard honestly. Hard would be to become a pro in cryptography. Most of us don't even need to get to that level.
I actually kind of have to thank social media / the internet / smartphones for letting me work less time. Since most people are very distracted, just by being a bit more focused you get so ahead of the curve. I still have plenty of distractions (SN mostly) but nothing compared to the average person.