If the people in charge of this organization receive the comments, I hope they will consider a project for Africa.

I have two project ideas, and I'm pretty sure OpenSats would fund at least one of them. But I don't see any point in submitting an application. OpenSats is a corporation, which means they are required by the government to get your SSN before they can send you any money (for tax reasons). I only want to get paid in BTC (which I'm sure they'd oblige), but BTC from OpenSats would effectively be KYC'd. If I wanted KYC BTC, I'd just continue working my current job (which doesn't contribute to Bitcoin, Nostr, etc) and use that money to buy KYC BTC via centralized exchanges.

OpenSats is for those developers who either (a) want fiat or (b) are okay with receiving KYC'd BTC.

Damn Jack is really bullish on the tech, you just love to see it, what the nostr devs have been doing in the last year is crazy, the development just keeps pumping out new stuff, hard to keep up but great to watch, sure this run way will only speed up this innovation

Jack is a blessing

Epic ⚡

That news is very good. A large donation to boost the development of initiatives on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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So exciting! ⚡⚡⚡


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great to see!

Congrats on the board position, bullish on opensats