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@super_testnet actually did it. He broke something haha

See here: https://stacker.news/items/173964

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afaict it's unclear how ordinals are affected by this exactly and how it can be fixed

AFAIU, inscription numbers might(?) be impacted, otherwise not a lot. very clever tx construction.

Why do I have mixed feelings about this :)

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This is the kind of rekted you get when you use imagination instead of math.


Remember, sats are not actually marked or serialized in any way.

Does anybody else find it weird how nobody uses ordinals (feel indifferent about them at most) and yet there are so many of them in the blocks? Like who are these people? Do they even exist? What is going on?

Wallet support groups seem to be full of them. Sparrow Wallet TG had to pin a message that this is not a Ordinals support group and everyone needs to DYOR. However, that didn't seem to help much.

Like who are these people?

Shitcoiners coming from other cryptos with basically no knowledge how bitcoin works (UTXOs etc.)

I think this is illustrative of a major issue within bitcoin: shitcoiners coming back to bitcoin in search of a use case, however dumb, is a good thing. They should be welcomed and provided with information, education and resources, not jeered at, called stupid and mocked.

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They should be welcomed and provided with information, education and resources, not jeered at, called stupid and mocked.

I agree. But it's kind of hard and frustrating when they don't try to educate themselves. At least that's how it looks like: Just here for flipping JPEGs but don't really care to see the deeper stuff about bitcoin. Of course, I might be wrong.

It took me by surprise too. My guess is that most simply use Bitcoin as a savings vehicle, which doesn't require too many on-chain transactions. Personally I probably make 1-2 transactions per month (exchange withdrawals, channel management), with everything else done on Lightning.

Ordinals / transcriptions on the other hand demand a heavier on-chain footprint, so it doesn't take as many users to consume blockspace and jack up fee rates. It also attracts gamblers who perhaps don't care so much about paying excessive fees. And because NFTs and BRC-20s are so new, not many exchanges support them to handle trades off-chain.

You have underestimated human stupidity.

Can someone ELI5 this to me?

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Block 788200 on Ordinals.com includes a dubious transaction where there were no satoshi present. However, the inscription 3492721 attached to the input got validated, even if there were no satoshi at play in this transaction. This issue affects all Ordinal tools, explorers, and marketplaces out there. The satoshi inscribed was transferred to the miner as a transaction fee, but was inscribed by its previous owner, and this is not how they should be inscribing it, per the protocol. If fixed by making ord ignore this inscription, all the satoshis inscribed after inscription 3492720 will be off by one. A tool was released for increasing the off-by-one error.

autonote from dev: the input text for this summary had to be modified for ChatGPT to summarize it.

The magic money wizard guy spoke at consensus this year about ordinals. I was talking to an ETH fanboi yesterday and I'm not sure someone like that would ever care about financial freedom and censorship resistance. Undecided how web3 folk coming to btc would be good for btc.....

The rekt will continue until lessons are learned.

Probably won't be the last issue with it either, and the fact that people are trying to make hacky ass standards for it like adding a script file that says this is a BRC-721 is hilarious and just shows how this is doomed to fail, this just brings counterparty vibes back to mind for me, let them burn their bitcoin moving overpriced satoshis around, its annoying now but I mean i'll gladly pick up the sats they're willing to waste

Inscriptions and ordinals are so dumb, my goodness