In my previous post, I suggested that more services software should be built with lightning as the incentive system. @nerd2ninja suggested that I start building myself, after thinking about it I've decided that I should at least attempt to learn how to do it.

so what's the purpose of this post?


  • I want to ask for suggested resources and advice, Rust was suggested as many lightning projects use it; do you think its the best for this purpose? Or do you have a different suggestion? (And I understand I can google myself, but if there are some suggestions from experienced people it may save me some time).

2. To see what your thoughts are on:

  • what decentralised services might have the best impact (search, compute, storage, something else?).

3. As a sanity check, to answer:

  • would any of this actually be helpful? Or am I just beating a dead horse?
  • I'm really a noob, I've only built basic web apps and super dumb bots before, am I going in over my head?
  • These have already been built but you haven't heard of them OP.

4. As a log:

  • I want to give a weekly or bi-weekly log of what I'm learning and the small programs I build along the way, this might be useful for someone later on if I do manage to actually build something.

5. Any other criticisms, eg:

  • you shouldn't post about this stuff here!
  • you are too dumb clearly.
  • insert useful criticism
  • you don't have the write attitude, etc...
Thanks for reading, now give me some of your thoughts!
Ask yourself:
  • what DO YOU need in order to live only using Bitcoin?
  • what others around you need in order to be able to live using Bitcoin?
  • merchants. Keep in mind this word. Is the most important for Bitcoin adoption. So build stuff for them, help them with solutions.
  • Read my Bitcoin guides and you will find even more inspiration
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Great reply, your substack is awesome btw.
  • you don't have the write attitude, etc...
I don't know if you have the write attitude, but I certainly think you have the right attitude. :)
Jokes aside, though: as a non-developer myself, I'm very much looking forward to see how this thread develops!
Wow this is a great post. Can't wait to see what you end up with. We build with Bitcoin/ Lightning every day.
I think if you have some web dev skills you'll be able to make something cool 😎
Some ideas: WordPress plugins for LNBits wallets for example: login with lightning
LDK node just came out and I haven't seen a project built with it yet.
I'd love to keep up on your progress and good luck 🤞
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Login with LN already exists.. compatible with php8+ servers
Good luck! 🍀
I'm completely non-technical, so I don't know how lofty of a goal my suggestion is going to be. In your last post, you mentioned RNDR specifically. Why not try to build a shared compute protocol? Users pay sats for rendering/folding/whatever, and providers receive sats for sharing their resources. Bonus points if you can incorporate streaming sats.
I hope to look into this specifically as I learn more, using digital energy to buy digital labor!