Very cool project. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful! I actually didn't know blockclock was closed source. Learn something new every day.

that's actually shocking considering how nvk harps on closed source things

they have some secret sauce they don't want to share with us. How corporate, NVK.

I don't know what/who that is, I just sort of assumed something as simple and kitschy as block clock would be FOSS

can’t tell if this is satire…

I dislike NVK and Coinkite more and more every day as I learn about how closed source they are.

That's so cool. I want one now lol, thanks for adding another thing to my todo list

I would love to see a short video of this in action.

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This is dope hell of a job!

Awesome work, looks a cool project!

Flawed design, not expecting 8 digits for BTC is blasphemy...

Nice work =)