Check out Nutminer – a crazy invention by developer Semisol
Nutminer is a difficulty-adjusted proof-of-work based Cashu faucet that emits a constant rate of tokens, no matter how many people use it.
How? The miner runs in your browser and produces hashes that are submitted to the backend. The more people use it, the higher the difficulty – just like with Bitcoin mining. If the PoW matches the difficulty, you get an ecash nut which you can cash out on Lightning!

The bigger picture

This is a proof-of-concept of what an ecash-based mining pool would look like: Bitcoin miners do not need to reveal their mining rewards to the pool. Instead, they can accumulate ecash representing their reward and cash out anonymously.
This is a simulation. In a real setting, miners would of course mine real Bitcoin blocks.
Ecash-based mining pools mean more privacy for Bitcoin miners!
A pool can not track your balance or the amount of work you as an individual miner have produced.

Try it out

Try it out and crack some nuts:
Note: Every sat tipped on this post will go into the faucet!