It's good to think ahead. Consider the following landscape 5 years from now:

  • Your stack is worth twenty times more now.

  • Most exchanges have been hacked, KYC info and purchase history are out in the wild.

  • AI has become exceptionally good at mimicing voices and video footage, as well as pushing out anti-Bitcoin propaganda.

  • Fiat systems are in complete meltdown. Escape routes are banned, users are imprisoned.

  • The general public is /incredibly/ salty and hostile that Bitcoin is successful while their own savings have withered away to nothing. Especially the elderly.

  • Attacks on Bitcoiners are much more commonplace. In many cases they will be celebrated.

Nobody knows how things will pan out, but at least some of this has to happen eventually. Do you want to remain public in such an environment? Because if you are public now, you are public forever; the internet never forgets.

Shit, here I was worrying about the government, and I completely forgot the rage of the elderly. New fear unlocked.

Those zimmer frames have sharp edges you know!

I thought I'd give the grannies a shout out because they are more active voters than the younger demographic. The US in particular seems to have a boomer tumour growing in their political apparatus, with both leading presidential candidates having been born in the 1940's.

Given the demographic situation across almost all countries - most of the people will be elderly. And this is not guessing: we know exactly how many twenty-year-olds are there going to be 20 years from now...

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Beware those walking sticks! 😂

Jokes aside, the rage will likely be channeled through the government.

It's coming, anyway. An example from Australia:

LOL, those Australian flyers are crazy-crazy. Wow.

Further reason bitcoiners need a citadel. If we do see a financial collapse those who are prepared financially will also need to be prepare tactically with food and physical security. Get out of the cities and learn to grow food. Build community with likeminded folk, don't have to be bitcoiners either. You can be their uncle Jim. This is my mindset.

Damn right, bitcoiners need several citadels all over the world. And we will probably need to vote with our feet and move to those citadels. Online pseudonymity is still a serious issue in this scenario, though.