Shit, here I was worrying about the government, and I completely forgot the rage of the elderly. New fear unlocked.

Those zimmer frames have sharp edges you know!

I thought I'd give the grannies a shout out because they are more active voters than the younger demographic. The US in particular seems to have a boomer tumour growing in their political apparatus, with both leading presidential candidates having been born in the 1940's.

Given the demographic situation across almost all countries - most of the people will be elderly. And this is not guessing: we know exactly how many twenty-year-olds are there going to be 20 years from now...

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Beware those walking sticks! 😂

Jokes aside, the rage will likely be channeled through the government.

It's coming, anyway. An example from Australia:

LOL, those Australian flyers are crazy-crazy. Wow.