I noticed that all my notifications have a prefix. For SN notifications, it's "(AU)":
When I use the native command notify-send, I get no prefix:
I think I also received notifications with only "(A)" as the prefix but I don't remember from which application it was ...
I will add that info when I found out.
But maybe someone already has an idea?

System information:
  • Chrome Version 112.0.5615.165 (Official Build) (64-bit) from AUR
  • uname -r: 5.15.112-1-MANJARO
  • i3wm
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What notification daemon are you using with i3? Also does this only apply to notifications from Chrome or other applications?
Okay, I use dwm now and the prefix is gone now on Brave and Chrome.
I think I was usting dunst for the notification daemon.
I'll pay you the bounty since you asked the best questions
Okay, lol, I just installed dunst again to use notify-send and now the prefix is there again for browser notifications which also use dunst now.
Whatever the browser used before didn't show the prefix.
So it's definitely related to dunst!
It's haunting me, lmao:
I require your wisdom @shibe
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I think I figured it out. The A is a prefix set by dunst to indicate that the notification has an action (you can click on it), and the U shows that the notification has a URL with it.
You can disable this if you want, by editing ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc and changing the line show_indicators from true to false. If the file doesn't exist, then copy the default configuration file from /etc/dunst/dunstrc to ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc and then changing show_indicators to false
The issue I found this on, for reference: https://github.com/dunst-project/dunst/issues/599
Don't I feel dumb, I searched all issues here and the documentation online and absolutely forgot you guys had a man page. I figured it was something like that though. Sorry for wasting your time, that fixed it of course.
lol, this so much
I was almost there though. I used man 5 dunst (which opens the config documentation instead of the command documentation like man dunst) to make notifications follow the screen on which my mouse is currently on. But I didn't think about looking in there for my prefix problem, lol
You were right!
Thank you very much, well deserved sats. That prefix annoyed me so much.
A SN bounty success story, this post is.
Thanks! Glad I could help.
I just wiped my laptop (for other reasons), I'll come back to this when I have a new setup.
Maybe later today, else tomorrow.
Thanks for your questions
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Au is the element symbol for gold. Probably not related though. 🤔
And you helped me realize that I still need to install some fonts since the last character doesn't render for me haha
It's related to dwm, funny guess though haha
Good to see that it's found. Neat that it actually wasn't a bug 🐛.
From when this hapen ?
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  • Maybe its related with chrome update ?
  • Maybe something new you installed ?
I think this has been like this for a while so no idea when this happened.
I have to do a new OS install anyway so let's see if it's still the case then