I've come across several instances where individuals had their first encounter with Bitcoin through receiving a tip after providing a service. One such example can be found at https://twitter.com/WalkerAmerica/status/1667083128433721345.
I've been contemplating whether tipping is an efficient strategy for Orange Pilling, and I'd like to discuss my doubts and gather your thoughts on this matter.

Here are my concerns

Tipping is typically conducted through Lightning or another Layer 2+ solution. This often leads to the receiver ending up with custodial Bitcoin on an LN wallet, which contradicts the principles of on-chain custodial/NYKNYC that we usually advocate. They might mistakenly believe they possess actual Bitcoin when, technically, it's an IOU. If they don't invest the effort to educate themselves about Bitcoin, there's a high likelihood that these coins could be lost.

Despite these reservations, I do recognize some advantages

  1. By 'owning' a small amount of Bitcoin, individuals might develop an interest in learning more about it.
  2. When they encounter news about Bitcoin's price rise (NGU - Number Go Up), they will remember they have some and realize that it wasn't as complex as they initially thought. This boost in confidence could motivate them to learn and acquire more Bitcoin.
  3. Receiving a Bitcoin tip instead of fiat is an unusual experience that they are likely to discuss with others, generating further curiosity and awareness.

Considering these points, I'd appreciate your input on the following aspects

  1. Which wallet would you recommend for this tipping approach? I personally lean towards Wallet of Satoshi due to its user-friendly interface.
  2. Where should we direct recipients to learn more about Bitcoin? I find https://bitcoin.rocks/ to be a simple starting page that I often recommend. When making a payment with WoS one could add for example a note: Learn more at www.bitcoin.rocks
I'm eager to hear your ideas and suggestions on this topic. Let's discuss!
I think it's important not to overwhelm a new person with information. Get some sats in their hands. There's time to learn, and there's a lot to learn. Odds are you're not talking about a lot of bitcoin anyway. I agree re WOS. Nice and simple.
So when is the right time to learn after tipping? Only when they ask?
Nothing is set in stone. I think there's a better than even chance they'll be curious and start heading down the rabbit hole themselves.
I think we all start with custodial buying bitcoin IOUs so I don't think that's a big issue. It is how you get them from step 1 to traveling down the rabbit hole.
I think tipping is great to get people experiencing owning bitcoin and even if only 5% of people who get tipped sats ever take one step into the rabbit hole it's still a net benefit.
I think WoS is good, it's easy to use.
I would like to see someone put together a tutorial for folks "So you got some bitcoin-what now" that takes them all the way from a to z. Maybe it is merely a curation of all the current available resources since there is so much amazing stuff out there.
Maybe we should SN hive mind this resource into existence.
I agree that it is difficult to show them the next steps. There might be good guides for that, but I'm unaware of what it would be. Ideally, there is some agreement on what the next steps are, and we can offer that in the local language. There is so much information out there that it becomes too overwhelming. This might be the best start in that case: https://bitcoin-intro.com/
I like the breakdown of steps here but I definitely would not start off, go watch this video for 10mins. I think we need to, for instance curate the info in a video like that (with attribution and links for anyone that does want to watch it). I think this is a good resource though for resources to look through and for how to structure the framework. Thanks for sharing.
One of the features I'm most looking forward to for https://mutinywallet.com is non custodial onboarding and tipping without them downloading any app. Just scan the gifter's QR code and now you have sats right there in the web browser.
lightsats.com was built for this exact case
Omg you're so right! While I already followed them on Twitter I had totally forgotten about them and the Twitter algo hid their Tweets for me. Going to try it out right away and work on the Dutch translation. Thanks for pointing this out!
for me, sending sats is the MOST effective way ..... why?
people need a few touch points (some need one, others need 2/3/4) so its plain and simple 1- ill have them download a wallet and I send some sats 2- they are shocked by speed (LN) and they 1st ask how can they sell it for fiat (very normal question for nocoiners) .... i gave a direct answer but I ask them to keep some sats 3- when price appreciates usually they go down the rabbit hole
That is awesome! Any idea on what percentage wants to learn more after tipping then with sats?
  1. What wallet do you suggest?
  2. What is the easiest (no KYC) way to convert LN to fiat (in your country)?
As for %s there is a combination of factors and they are all related when it comes to learning: A- Touch points: you might hear about Bitcoin the 1st time (ignore it) then another (a bit of research but your friends tell you its a scam), then another (ignorant still but skeptical and then you may take a deep dive but it depends on B)
B- Price: price is always a signal for almost everything, humans give a lot more attention to things when they appreciate in value (most BTC adoptions happen in bull markets)
As for Wallets, its Wallet of Satoshi as it has the best UX (yea its custodial but new comers dont know the difference and dont care at all) but during their rabbit hole journey they will come to know the difference (in a nutshell I dont bombard new comers with much info as too much info = no info)
In my country Crypto is banned (no bank would touch it) so all the buying/selling happens P2P (physical face to face /via exchanges P2P both buy/sell USDT). I never convert any BTC to fiat and all of my LN balance is for zapping sats to quality content and to orange-pill participants of my workshops
Note: I've learnt not to push BTC to anyone, if they are curios I would answer questions objectively. To generate curiosity in anyone you can ask stimulating questions for them to think of and to also know humans are mainly driven by FEAR & GREED
No matter how you show it , if the person is not interested in sound money, is not going to work. The interest for being free needs to come from them, you are only showing them the door .
Do it I got one bartender like that when ngu happened he was blown away also told him had I given him fiat that doesn't happen and he would of spent the 20 in fiat quickly.. along the way I educate him when he asks questions eventually he asked me how to buy more and that'd he'd start to put whatever he can into it just spoke on my personal experience and was just being real he appreciated the fact I had an answer for every question he was asking told him my mentor was the same way and that the game is supposed to be given for free now starting to help my step dad spread the word to a local barber shop told him it's tough due to people being so use to fiat and that he should tell them he will probably be the only one paying them in sats that it shouldn't affect their pay if it's one person out of all their customers and just to keep it as some savings we will see how it turns out with them next might go myself and talk with them and offer as well
every time I've offered to give someone a little bit of sats for whatever reason, they look at me like I'm trying to install a virus on their phone, so, there's that.
i used to do that and quickly realised its not effective as I was shoving sats into their brain so I stopped push and instead started gradually educating and once they are curious enough I would send some sats
Interesting, thanks for the insight, I had not even considered that too be honest.