That’s a long time horizon… financial organisations are more likely to evolve than disappear however.
All financial transactions will be conducted digitally, with cryptocurrency (in some form) being the predominant mode of payment. Centralised control of currencies will be a thing of the past as the market demands for decentralized control over the system.
Artificial intelligence will be closely integrated providing real-time market analysis and adaptive investment strategies. Automated trading algorithms will dominate markets, replacing human traders but their efficiency almost cancelling each other out and removing the opportunity for arbitrage or margin.
Banks and financial institutions will exist and have to work to ensure liquidity, store assets for high net worth individuals / organisations and facilitate trade as a trusted third party. Fiat mindset? Maybe. Not everyone will be able to cope..
Overall, the financial system will be driven by advanced technology regulated by government, with measures such as transparency, sustainability, and accountability competing with individual sovereignty, privacy, decentralisation and liberty.
But will it all collapse in a heap before we get there? …. #bitcoinforthewin