I am @all_SN and seems I’ve got myself into a bit of a pickle and potentially discovered a critical bug. Let me explain what happened…
I was logged into @all_SN and shortly after seeing your above reply, I went to settings > link lightning
I proceeded to login with the new lightning login, not the one used originally to create @all_SN
After logging in it created an entirely new profile, the one I’m writing this from now.
I was immediately confused by this so I proceeded to log out and log back in again using lightning login. Still brought me to this profile, not @all_SN
Went back to settings confirmed the only auth method tied to this profile was the lightning login, and not the email login I previously set up for @all_SN
Proceeded to unlink the lightning login. Copy and pasted the warning message and clicked do it. Then logged out of this account and closed the tab. Opened a new stacker.news tab and proceeded to Login > With Email and entered the email linked to @all_SN to get email link to log in. Did not receive link… waited 5 minutes, entered email again, but no email with link. Now I can’t access @all_SN
Can still access this profile I’m writing from using lightning login, even though I unlinked and logged out. After logging into this profile using lightning app, the app says success but when navigating back to stacker.news tab it refreshes to error page. When I manually refresh it completes the login successfully.
Don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t care about this account. Just want to regain access to @all_SN profile as that is the one I’ve been using since finding this site, and I just sent funds in before this all happened.
Thanks for tagging in k00b! Yeah, not good. Did you just zap me those 1000 sats? If so thank you, that is the amount I sent into @all_SN so appreciate whoever did if wasn’t you.
Curious which auth method did you link first? For me with @all_SN sequence was Lightning then email then unlinked lightning. Followed by trying to link new lightning, which is where I ran into this issue. Wonder if your sequencing is opposite? (I.e. Email first followed by Lightning)
1000 sats \ 1 reply \ @ekzyis 6 Jul
Yes it was me. I feel bad that this happened to you because of my comment
But I am sure we will find a solution :)
Thank you, sent some back⚡️
Going to make you whole if can regain access
Ohh jeez, now this profile has a 🤠 I have to retract my previous statement saying I don’t care about it!
Oh, that doesn't sound good. It should have worked though since I have email and lightning linked to my account myself.
@k00b, can you take a look at this?
I’m not sure I understand what happened exactly. It could be a bug. It could just be confusing ux.
This code hasn’t been touched in a long time, so I’d guess the latter.
Hmm, how do you suggest I regain access to @all_SN ? Is there any issues with email login link delivery at the moment? Was receiving them earlier today, but not since linking new lightning…
The account I’m writing this from now is certainly an entirely different one.
I’m not at a computer but it should work. Double check your link for spaces at the beginning or end. That’s confused people before.
I just logged in via email so I’d guess
  1. You’re entering your email slightly wrong (extra space or wrong character)
  2. The login links are going to your spam folder
Checked spam earlier, and again just now, nothing there unfortunately. Copied and pasted email since originally linking earlier today and using same method now, so definitely no spaces. Seems to me @all_SN auth has been nuked by attempting to add a new lightning login.
If there’s anything you can take a look into when back at a computer that would be appreciated. Will probably keep this account now, but would still like access to @all_SN back. Thanks for these quick replies!
Do you have a telegram account? I don’t want to discuss your account details here.
No telegram… Any other options? Matrix? Nostr? I have those.. Would try SimpleX too.