I really don't understand this obsession US people have with these shit cards... you guys can't let go visa and banks?
So you work hard to get some BTC, then you go to give away your BTC for some fictitious money on these cards, so to add them back to google and apple (that means giving them fees)...
Instead of just dumping all the shit fiat and start suing ONLY Bitcoin. Why don't you start convincing all those mom and pop shops to accept BTC and get rid of all these shitcoins?! Fucking UNBELIEVABLE!
We will never get out of shit if we still continue using these cards. Are a fucking joke.
Bull bitcoins bylls service allows anyone in Canada to pay any bill entirely in bitcoin. Good option if ever you got a bill to pay and they don’t natively accept Bitcoin.
KYC-free prepaid credit cards can help a lot, e.g. if a brick-and-mortar store or public transit machine doesn't accept cash or if an online store or app (e.g. taxi, delivery) doesn't accept crypto or gift cards. (In many countries, it isn't possible to buy Visa/MasterCard gift cards for cash in gas stations anymore.)
Sadly you can't convince everyone to accept Bitcoin and there may be no alternative stores/apps that sell what you need, so it's great for financial inclusion to have a KYC-free option to access credit card payments.
but maaan... "is not FOSS" :) why are you using non FOSS?