I know, You should never give financial advice or book recommendations. But im Mai opinion Hans Hermann Hoppe, a libertarian Professor von Germany, is world reading and listening to. You will find lot of English speaking material of this man in Youtube if you search for it. For those who don't know about him, enjoy this rabbit hole that is really moving and interesting. Greets from Spain.
Introducing HHH
Hans Hermann Hoppe is a well-known libertarian economist and philosopher who is known for his work in the Austrian School of Economics.
He has written several books, including "Democracy: The God That Failed" and "The Myth of National Defense," which have been referenced by other libertarians such as Peter Thiel and Saifedean Ammous.
Hoppe has also contributed to the Bitcoin community by considering the cryptocurrency as a form of "market money" that does not require any special legal recognition.
His work has helped promote the ideas of free markets and individual freedom, which are also appreciated by Bitcoin enthusiasts.
Hoppe is an important thinker in the libertarian movement, and his work is expected to continue to gain importance in the future.
Here You could start. But careful: He will be challenging some of Your convictions...
Statism is a disease perpetuated early in the schools. That's why you will never see works and books like Hoppe's, presented in schools.
Perpetuating the cancer... that's how you keep the "patient" in a dormant state.
Yep, exactly. To me this man with his lovely cynism is an antidote to my media work which is getting toxic by the day.
Hoppe gives me Hope for mankind.
One of the last deep thinkers that has the cojones to confront statists with plain critics
IMO, HHH is the political philosopher with the best arguments, the most common sense, and the bravest. He has dared to address taboo topics such as immigration or monarchy without any fear of the mainstream that surrounds him.
Hoppe is Man!!! His argument on the law of marginal utility as a priori synthetic proposition is choice!