The news from the Brazilian Central Bank reads as follows:
"The Brazilian digital currency gets a name and is now called Drex Drex is coming to make life easier for Brazilians. With a fresh look and its own name, our central bank digital currency project, created and operated by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), is now called Drex. The solution, previously referred to as Digital Real, will provide a secure and regulated environment for the generation of new businesses and more democratic access to the benefits of digitalizing the economy for citizens and entrepreneurs.
In the logo developed by the BCB, the combination of letters forms a word with a strong and modern sound: "d" and "r" allude to Digital Real; the "e" stands for electronic, and the "x" conveys the idea of modernity and connection, representing the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the technology adopted for Drex, continuing the family of solutions initiated by the BCB with Pix.
The visual concept of Drex, fitting into the context of the modernization agenda pursued by the Central Bank, Agenda BC#, is based on the use of typography and graphic elements that refer to the digital universe.
Symbolizing a transaction, the two arrows included in the "d" relate to the evolution from Real to the digital environment, emphasizing the attribute of agility. The use of colors, transitioning from blue to light green, conveys the message of "transaction completed."
Click to view the image of the digital currency logo, Drex."
It's actually not that bad lmao
it's been at least 8 years since I accessed the flickr domain to see an image/photo. Wow. Rise and demise.
LOL @ the logo!!!
Sounds like a lot of marketing hype.
Ontem estava trocando uma ideia com um parceiro sobre isso...
O que acontece com quem tem a shitcoin de papel?
Eu pensei...
Vou procurar aquelas caixa eletronico 24hrs não colocar nenhum dinheiro (shitcoin) dentro do papel e apenas preencher o envelope dizendo que contem "X" shitcoin quem sabe não converte em "digital" ?
Dai vou atras de uma farmacia para comprar giftcard do google e troco por btc
  • Sonhar mais um sonho impossível
Terrible logo.
Yea that is ugly